Branding: What is it and how to do it right!

What comes to mind when you think of "branding?" branding cow
Is it a red hot poker sizzling into the side of a cow?
No? Just me then...

Branding consists of all the things that contribute to how you FEEL when you think about or interact with a brand. If a product or service does not invoke some sort of reaction in you then the brand kinda sucks. I'm sorry, but it's true.

The logo, fonts, colors, jingle, tagline, and tone of the messaging is all part of it. But the heart of a really great brand is always an emotional connection. It is real. It is a common, identifiable emotion, and it is consistent.

For example, Nike is one of the most commonly recognized brands on the planet. The Nike swoosh is so recognizable that you are way more likely to see the swoosh alone without the name "Nike" than you are with it. #LogoGoals.
Nike's brand messaging is consistently about winning, striving, running, sweating, Just do it, get off the couch, Woo Hoo, Rah Rah!
I'm I right?

What if the next Nike ad you saw went something like this: Friendly associate welcoming you in the store as she softly whispers, "Come on it to the Nike store and we'll put a comfy shoe on your foot." The customer sinks down into an overstuffed chair while being pampered as a shoe is gently nudged into place on their outstretched foot.

You don't need to be a marketing expert to know that is this is off-brand. You don't even have to know why it's off. It just stinks.

This wouldn't be a bad commercial for a shoe, it's just a bad one for Nike. Why? Because Nike is the HERO brand. Everything they do is about winning. EVERYTHING! They never veer from this message. You wear our shoes and clothes and you will be a winner, a hero.

Is your brand that consistent? It could be. Very easily.
If you pick a Brand Archetype and stick to it, your brand will be clear, consistent, and focused.

Continue to our article on Breakout Branding with Archetypes for more info on what an archetype is and how to pick one.

You can also visit our site Brand Archetypes for a deep dive into each archetype and to listen to podcasts all about each archetype.

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