Episode 11 – Fierce Advocate & Artist – Melina Brann

Melina Brann

Today’s Guest: Melina Brann, Fierce advocate for Women and self-taught up and coming Artist. Utilizing her Master’s Degree in social work, Malina,  Executive Director of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, is passionate about helping women through difficult times by empowering them to work through their situations.      Melina feels the aftermath of Legislative…

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Episode 10: Helping Women Period – Lysne Tait

Helping Women Period

Today’s Guest: Lysne Tait, founder of Helping Women Period- it’s a great day to end period poverty! After reading an article in 2015, Lysne learned of homeless women not having the supplies they needed for their monthly cycle and she and her friend wanted to make a difference and started their journey making a difference…

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Creative Marketing: How to Inspire People

creative marketing

Creative marketing can take your marketing campaigns to the next level. When you do it right, you step into the storyteller role and use creativity to inspire an emotional response that moves your target market.  We know that art moves us. Sad songs make us cry, hilarious jokes make us laugh.  Emotion makes us remember…

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Episode 9: A Generous Go-Getter – Matthew Thornton

Today’s Guest: Matthew Thornton, Hustling Entrepreneur who gives back! As a child growing up, Matt knew if you wanted anything, even a piece of candy, you had to hustle for it.  This practice has followed him all through his life fueling the entrepreneurial spirit that led him to become who he is today.  Each adventure…

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The Artist Archetype: Inspire Creativity in Others

The Artist Archetype

The Artist Archetype is, you guessed it – Creative and inspiring. It makes people feel inspired and unique. They envision. They create. They are always improving their talents. Everything they do is creative! They have panache … they have flair! As an Artist Brand (or Creator, as it is sometimes called), your company is driven…

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