“Busy” is the new 4 Letter Word


What is your favorite 4 letter word? Mine is DAMN! I like it because it’s a cuss word without being too offensive. I also really love the “F” word but I reserve that for times when I really need it.  We can all agree that there are situations when no other word will do except…

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The Bartender’s Secret

The floor tasted like the perfectly concocted mojito she had made moments before throwing it at me and punching me in the face. I landed among the bar stools and dirty napkins thinking, “That’s fair.”  She knew I’d come, I always do. She had it waiting for me, the drink and her right hook. I…

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Dragon Boat Newbie

Dragon Boat Races

What is a Dragon Boat? Boats that looks like dragons!!! How cool is that? They are powered by human paddlers, but after being in one for the better part of two-days, I am convinced that they also possess some sort of mystical dragon like strength. Seriously. More on that later. You can check out more…

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10 Weird Michigan Laws

Michigan Lansing capital buiilding

Crazy Michigan Laws Rules are meant to be broken, and keep us safe–but some of these Michigan laws just don’t make any sense. What do you think happened to bring about some of these anyway? #1. People may not be drunk on trains. Oh c’mon! What’s the point of taking a train so you don’t…

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