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Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant (Local)

(Contract 1099 position)

We Want...

Zeedia is looking for a part-time Executive Assistant to work alongside Zeedia Media’s Founder and CEO. Basically, you’re going to work for a rock star boss with the opportunity to grow within the company. This is a mostly remote job and a 1099 contracted position. You will be paid once a month. 

Simple Explanation of Duties...

You will be managing the CEO’s calendar, distributing correspondence, preparing proposals, scheduling client social media posts, invoicing, and other administrative duties. Some of your other duties will be assigned on the fly, but rest assured, we are not task-masters and we are here to work together. 

Spotlight on Core Value...

The most important characteristic of the Executive Assistant is that your personality matches your passion to assist one another by working on a tight-knit team. Zeedia Media is a place for people to work better, together. Our job is to help. We love helping and seeing other businesses thrive and grow.  

Definition of Success...

The Executive Assistant will be an excellent writer: with stellar grammar, charming written personality, and the ability to explain complicated things simply. We measure our success in swiftness, accuracy, clarity, and the number of exclamation points we receive in email replies. The occasional use of an animated GIF (or two) may be required 🙂 

You’re good at…

  • Writing emails, reports, and having fun doing so
  • Using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, aka, “the goods”
  • Working remotely (face-to-face meetups from time to time)
  • Using multiple social media platforms and scheduling apps 

Extra awesome…

  • Provides executive-level services (internally & externally)
  • Technical and social media marketing experience
  • You’ve read “The Four Hour Work Week”; despite it’s odd name
  • Excellent communicator over the phone & or in person

*Office Managers: This probably isn’t the job for you, but perhaps you have a good friend who may be a perfect fit. Send them this link. Thanks!