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Do you want to create a podcast? 

Podcasts: How your Business Can Benefit From Them

Remember the world before incessant social media scrolling? Tuning your dial to an FM radio station? Recording your favorite TV show, complete with commercials – on a VHS tape when you weren’t home? All of these may sound archaic now, but truth is, they were reality not too long ago. Recent studies have shown that 50% of homes have podcast listeners, which means 60 million households are listening to podcasts. Still searching for a way for your business or brand to be heard? Look no further – podcasts are the way of the future, and somehow – an ode to simpler times too. 


Check out our podcast Brand Archetypes and get started today!


Zeedia Media Can Help you Launch your Podcast and Market the Heck Out of It!


We Can Help With Things Like:

  • Selecting and purchasing the right equipment
  • How to get started
  • Adding your podcast to your website 
  • Setting up hosting  for you
  • Theme music, ads, promos, and social media
  • Editing your podcast
  • Putting it all together
  • Promoting your show for you
  • Training and teaching you how to be the best podcaster you can be.

Podcast Creation and Launch Package:

Experts in web development, design, sound production, copywriting, music production, and social media all will leverage their expertise to get your podcast launched!

Podcast Name and Branding

Assist with the creation of your podcast name (if needed) and branding.

Content/Episode Calendar

Creation of a content calendar that will include Episode Names, topics, and script format. 

Podcast Graphic

Creation of podcast graphic/logo.

Website Back-end Set Up

Includes podcast plugins and automation so that when you publish an episode it pushes it to iTunes, Stitcher, etc. where people can find it to listen to it. This will also include tagging everything properly for SEO for maximum visibility.


Creating a short, theme music clip that will be used to into/outro all episodes. We have extensive options for free music. (We can also create custom theme music for an additional fee.) 

Creation of 1st Episode (Promo)

In order to get everything set up properly, we need to create the first episode and publish it. Typically this is a very short, scripted promo episode with voiceover talent to introduce the podcast to the word and inform listeners where they can find it. Click here for an example. 


Includes step-by-step instructions on how to record a podcast, equipment you will need, and the process so that you do it the same way every time you record an episode. Includes best practices for what to say/how to say it. Also includes how to create the show notes post on your website for each episode.


Recommendations and assistance on how to announce your podcast to the world. 

Podcast Creation and Launch Package


Ongoing Podcast Management

Voice Over Talent


Episode Editing and Assembly


(Typically editing takes 2x the time of the recording. If you have 30 minutes of audio editing will take one hour). 

Creation of Show Notes


Promotion of Podcast


(3 Social Media Platforms)