Why do words matter so much?

Clear communication helps us connect to each other. Making connections is a basic human need. In marketing, we want to connect our message with our services and tap into emotions to make that connection powerful. The right words help us do that.

Your Story

Everyone has something to say that would benefit someone else. What do you know that the world needs to know?

We help businesses tell their story every day through marketing. Our focus is always on using your words and the knowledge and education that you already possess.

Together we successfully create emotion-based content that will resonate with people.

But we don’t stop there.

Words are powerful and can be used in so many ways. Check out our complete line of services to help you create the powerful brand you are already imagining.

Our Services

Our Story

Amy Zander, Chief Word Slayer

Amy has over 20 years of experience as a writer, editor, blogger, and social media content creator and manager. She worked as the editor-in-chief of a Lansing area health magazine, and has written for several Michigan area publications including Capital Area Women's Lifestyle Magazine, Healthy & Fit, Capital Gains, Breaking Breads, City Pulse, and several community and business newsletters.

In addition to writing and marketing, Amy has management and event planning experience and has owned and operated her own cafe and bakery.

Amy's work and life experiences have helped her to become very organized and able to write on a variety of topics with thorough research, sound technical and editorial content, and a perspective that is both thoughtful and often humorous.

Shelley Sullivan, Explorer of Information

No industry or topic is too obscure. No stone is left un-turned. Shelley will find the info, the words, the stats, or that funny meme that just says it all. She is skilled at chasing rabbits down holes and loves to get lost in the research. Whatever we need, she finds it. You know that saying, “Nothing is really lost until mom can’t find it?” Well, it’s true. Shelley is my mom. If she can’t find it, it doesn’t exist.

Melissa Hill, Rock Star Content Creator

Melissa Hill
Melissa has been making awesome content for over a decade. Graphics and words are her wonderland and she uses them to make you look good. She’s worked on projects in many media including blogging, websites, magazine layout, e-books, zines, podcasts, social media, logo design and fine art. Melissa loves helping others express their vision for their business using a combination of good communication, fancy tech, and artistic savvy.

She uses organized creativity to make you rock.

Word Slayers

We have a team of writers who work with us in a variety of ways. All of them are very skilled and experts at writing for different archetypes. No industry or business is off-limits. Once we start working together we will match your business with one of our writers who will discover all the right words for you.

Our Second Company

Every great marketing plan starts with good branding. In order to find the right words for your company it helps to know what your brand archetype is. What is a brand archetype? We are glad you asked.

Please hop on over to BrandArchetypes.com and discover this amazing concept. You will be able to tap into the powerful strategies that mega brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Disney use, no matter the size of your business or your budget. Trust us, defining your brand archetype makes finding the right words so much easier!