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This show is dedicated to the promotion and support of the 517 Lansing, Michigan community. We focus on interviewing people who live, work, and play in Mid-Michigan. A big part of the show is to highlight people and organizations giving back to our great community.

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Lansing Shuffle

S3E19 – Jonathan Hartzel – Lansing Shuffle

By Amy | June 12, 2024

Jonathan Hartzel is an inspiring developer and entrepreneur, who has significantly impacted various communities through his innovative ventures. He is also one of the owners of the Lansing Shuffle. Watch on YouTube HERE Jonathan’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2011 when he founded his first business while earning a BBA from Northwood University. He subsequently founded…

Little Blessings Childcare

S3E18 – Dianne Hartwell – Little Blessings Childcare

By Amy | June 5, 2024

Today’s Guest: Dianne (Lewis) Hartwell, Owner of Little Blessings Childcare Watch on YouTube HERE Dianne Hartwell, the dynamic owner of Little Blessings Childcare, has made significant strides in childcare advocacy in the Lansing region. She noticed the ongoing shortages and challenges within the childcare sector and decided to be part of the solution by actively…

Brooks Warner

S3E17 – Brooks Warner, Realtor & Cyberbacker

By Amy | May 29, 2024

Today’s Guest: Brooks Warner, CEO and Co-owner of Mitten Home Team at Keller Williams Realty and Franchise Partner at Cyberbacker  Brooks Warner, a lifelong resident of Greater Lansing, Michigan, and a proud Marine Corps veteran brings his deep commitment to serving his community into his real estate career. Starting in 2013, he quickly made his…

Hospitality Training Institute

S3E16 – Hospitality Training Institute

By Amy | May 22, 2024

Today’s Guests: Justin Winslow and Emily Daunt Justin Winslow and Emily Daunt lead the charge at the Hospitality Training Institute, a vital initiative of the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association (MRLA). Through their 12-week Hospitality Business Management Certificate program, they equip industry professionals with essential skills and certifications to navigate challenges post-COVID, including workforce shortages…

East Lansing Art Festival

S3E15 – Heather Majano – East Lansing Art Festival

By Amy | May 15, 2024

Today’s Guest: Heather Majano, East Lansing Art Festival and Art Initiatives Coordinator.  Heather Majano is the East Lansing Art Festival and Art Initiatives Coordinator for the city of East Lansing, where she has been organizing events for over 12 years, including the East Lansing Art Festival for four years. Her role involves coordinating various art…

Amy Piper

S3E14- Amy Piper- Local Author

By Amy | May 8, 2024

Today’s Guest: Amy J. Piper, Ph.D. Writer and Photographer Amy Piper is a Michigan-based author, blogger, and freelance travel writer. Amy’s journey is one of relentless exploration and promotion of her beloved Midwest, especially her home state of Michigan. With a passion for showcasing the beauty and adventure within her own backyard, Amy’s writing traverses…

Tim Palmer

S3E13 – Tim Palmer – Comedian

By Amy | May 1, 2024

Today’s Guest: Tim Palmer, Founder of A Lot More Fun Comedy Club Tim Palmer is a multifaceted individual known for his roles as a comedian, pastor, and founder of A Lot More Fun Comedy Club, situated in downtown Lansing.  Watch on YouTube HERE Tim’s journey into comedy and the establishment of the club stemmed from…

Graze Craze

S3E12 – Lindsey and Silas Coffelt – Graze Craze

By Amy | April 24, 2024

Today’s Guests: Lindsey & Silas Coffelt, Owners of Graze Craze Okemos Michigan Lindsey and Silas are the creative minds behind Graze Craze, specializing in artfully designed charcuterie boards and boxes perfect for grazing. Their journey started in the summer of 2022 when they transitioned from the home-building industry to explore a fun and food-related venture.…

Skin Studio 211

S3E11 – Skin Studio 211 – Lorin Cumberbatch

By Amy | April 17, 2024

Today’s Guest: Lorin Cumberbatch, CEO of Skin Studio 211. Watch on YouTube HERE Skin Studio 211 is a beauty spa with locations in Lansing and East Lansing. Her establishment stands out as East Lansing’s only black-owned spa, offering a range of services including facials, lashes, waxing, and retail products for at-home skincare. Skin Studio 211…

MSU Dairy Store

S3E10 – Aaron Weiner – MSU Dairy Store

By Amy | April 10, 2024

Today’s Guest: Aaron Weiner, Administrative Manager at MSU Dairy Store Aaron Weiner began his journey in the restaurant industry at 14, eventually becoming the administrative manager at the MSU Dairy Store after graduating from Michigan State University in 1999. Despite the pandemic, Aaron found his place at the MSU Dairy Store about 2.5 years ago,…

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