Episode 31 – Behind the Mic – Hammond Chamberlain

Hammond Chamberlain

Today’s Guest: Hammond Chamberlain, the man behind the mic and the audio, always working his magic! Hammond is a Digital Content Producer. Self Employed Freelance Audio Editing and Production. Podcast Host, Mentor, and Consultant. Hammond started his career in podcasting as a guest on Retro Movie Week in 2013 and caught the bug! With over…

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Episode 30 – Wealth Manager – Matthew Addy

Matthew Addy

Today’s Guest: Matthew Addy, Partner with Richards & Addy Wealth Management, a proud father, and family man. Matthew and his partner Jeff, take a holistic approach to helping others secure their financial success.  Building and cultivating relationships in the community and giving back is an initiative for the team of professionals at Richards and Addy.  Educating others…

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Episode 29 – Energy Healing – Louis Soma

Louis Soma

Today’s Guest: Louis Soma, owner of Energy Harmony, and adult dance instructor.  In his search for a better solution than Western Medicine for his health issues, he discovered “it”.  He was looking for a different approach to take.  Louis and his business partner Rick, have incorporated energy healing into their dancing training and martial arts and…

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Episode 28 – Maximization Coach – Chad Hyams

Chad Hyams

Today’s Guest: Chad Hyams, Myth buster, Author, Speaker, and maximization coach. Getting inspiration from the mountains and eagles outside his window, Chad penned his recent book titled Achieve your Apex. It’s about getting to the top of the Mountain or food chain. Learn how to climb to the top of your journey! As a coach,…

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Episode 27 – Experience Matters – Brian Songer

Brian Songer

Today’s Guest: Brian Songer, Knapper, Man about Town, Farm Bureau Agent, and co-owner of the Barry Songer Agency. Brian is a master networker who really enjoys philanthropic efforts and the ability to meet new people.   Brian and his partner Tim believe in Farm Bureaus tag line, Experience matters.  Combining that with his passion and desire…

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Episode 26 – International Entrepreneur – Tom Hamp

Tom Hamp

Today’s Guest: Tom Hamp, International Entrepreneur, and owner of AdviCoach of Mid-Michigan, as well as Open Book Selling. Utilizing his previous sales experience, Tom and his colleagues started Open Book Selling to fill a gap they were seeing in their clients.  They created a model that helps leverage your business. Experience the #tomhampfactor as he…

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Episode 25 – Popcorn Connoisseur – Chad Jordan

Chad Jordan

Today’s Guest: Chad Jordan, Popcorn Connoisseur and owner of Cravings Gourmet Popcorn Not only is his favorite popcorn flavor the Premium Signature Gold, but the wisdom Chad shares with the listeners is also pure gold. Listen as this former football coach shares tips and best practices from coaching his team incorporates them into entrepreneurship. Chad’s…

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Episode 24 – Dr. Mack is In – Dr. Janelle Mackowiak

Dr. Janelle Mackowiak

Today’s Guest: Dr. Janelle Mackowiak, owner of Cherry Blossom Natural Wellness. Dr. Mack is in the House!  She shares how she combines her skills as a naturopathic physician and chiropractor along with a concentration in herbal medicine. Are you looking for an alternative way to care for your health and willing to put in the…

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Episode 23 – Magical Roofer – Kris Poag

Today’s Guest: Kris Poag, Sales Manager for Weather Vane Roofing, a magical, forward-thinking company. Weather Vane Roofing is on the cutting edge of their industry. They are early adopters when it comes to technology that will automate more and make them more efficient. They always keep their customers’ needs in front of them. Their sales…

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Episode 22- Recovering Perfectionist – Amanda Liford

Amanda Liford

Today’s Guest: Amanda Liford, recovering perfectionist, and founder of Easy Life Organizing. Amanda is a professional organizer who feels everything has its place. As a full-blown perfectionist, sometimes she wouldn’t start things until it was polished and perfected!  Being in recovery, she is learning to be open to the random changes in the world. Listen…

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