Let Us Get Your Business Moving in the Right Direction:

We follow the very simple, yet extremely powerful, brand concept: Brand Archetypes.


What is an archetype?

An archetype is a predefined concept that is universally understood by all humans on the planet in the exact same way. We understand it specifically because we ARE human. Each one is unique and elicits a powerful and familiar feeling and emotion in us. Emotions are what connect us to each other. If your brand can tap into one of these powerful emotions - make people FEEL something about your company - well, then you are on your way. 

There are 12 main archetypes that permeate all cultures on earth:

Why should you care about them?

Good branding delivers a consistent message. GREAT branding delivers a consistent emotional connection. As humans, we remember how people make us FEEL long after we remember anything else about them. It’s true. If your brand can make people FEEL something, you have them hooked.

Which archetype should your business be? 

That is the billion-dollar brand question, isn’t it? The question that is going to MAKE you a billion, not cost you a billion. The only mistake you can make is to NOT pick an archetype and NOT make your brand as powerful as it can be. 


We don’t tell our clients what archetype to be. Instead, we walk you through a brand discovery process that takes many aspects of your business into consideration while you and your team explore which archetype is perfect for you. 


For more information on Brand Archetypes and to Explore all 12, visit our website 


The Branding Process with Zeedia Media:

Step One:

Take the Brand Archetypes Questionnaire and invite 2-3 more people to take it on your behalf. Create a login and then from there you can invite people to participate. 

Cost: FREE

Step Two:

Participate in a Brand Discovery Session to determine Archetype. This will be conducted via zoom with questionnaire participants. This takes about 2 hours and most likely you will decide on an archetype by the end of this session. 

Cost: $500

Step Three:

Choose Your Archetype

Cost: FREE

Step Four:

Infuse your archetype into everything you do.

Cost: Customized to you