Episode 36 – Spreading Joy – John Mashni

John Mashni

Today’s Guest: John Mashni, lawyer, writer, entrepreneur, and trusted advisor. John is an attorney, entrepreneur, professor, and writer. He always wanted to write before he went to law school and actually wrote a few screenplays. He recently started moving his writing to children’s books and it has been one of the most fun things he…

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Episode 35 – Connection Queens – mConnexions


Today’s Guest: Julie Holton, the Principal Strategist, and Owner of mConnexions Marketing Agency, together with her teammate Alexis Neumann who is the senior digital strategist at mConnexions. Julie and Alexis began their working relationship before MConnexions was launched. Alexis was Julie’s first hire and it was Alexis’ first job!   At MConnexions, Alexis does a little…

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Episode 33 – Photographer of Women – Sarrah Gani

Sarrah Gani

Today’s Guest: Sarrah Gani, personal branding and portrait photographer for women, and owner of Sarrah Photography Sarrah used to be someone who didn’t want to be photographed. She came to realize that many women are hesitant to have their photos taken because they are self-conscious of how they look. For her, every woman should feel…

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Episode 34 – Compassionate Elder Care – Amy Wilczek

Amy Wilczek

Today’s Guest: Amy Wilczek, Nationally Certified Senior Advisor, and owner of Oasis Senior Advisors. Amy loves helping people, especially seniors and their families.   Amy thrives on being able to give somebody hope and for some caregivers, it’s giving them a break. Those are really important to her. Oasis started when her family decided to put…

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Episode 32 – Jungle Jane – Jane Mitchell

Jane Mitchell

Today’s Guest: Jane Mitchell, a Promotional Products Marketing Consultant and owner of Jungle Jane Promotions. Prior to starting Jungle Jane Promotions, Jane began a home-based business sending cards for people’s clients. This card sending service opened the doors for her to move into promotional products.     Jane truly loves helping others. She is dedicated…

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