Let Us Get Your Business onto the Internet

We can lead you through the complete process to build your branding, get your domain, hosting, and build you a WordPress website so you can deliver your message to your target market.


Step One:

Take the Brand Archetypes Questionnaire and invite 2-3 more people to take it on your behalf. Create a login and then from there you can invite people to participate. 

Cost: FREE

Step Two:

(if needed). Brand Discovery Session to determine Archetype. This will be conducted via zoom with questionnaire participants. This takes about 2 hours and most likely you will decide on an archetype by the end of this session. 

Cost: $100

Step Three:

Determine Company Name. Hopefully, the Brand Discovery session will spark words and ideas for a company name based on the Archetype you choose. You may be able to come up with a name on your own from this session. However, if you'd like our help in creating a name we can help. 

Cost: $200

Step Four:

Logo Design. You will work with Melissa to create your new logo based on your company name and Archetype. Melissa will help you choose a color palette and fonts also based on your archetype. 

Cost: $300 (We will provide a detailed description of this service and the process which includes up to 3 minor revisions.) 

Step Five:

Website Build. Your starter site, as we talked about, will include a minimum number of pages and graphics (will be defined in the scope of work). It also assumed you will be involved in some content creation/editing. 

Cost: $1000.00

Step Six:

Social Media Marketing Help. (if you would like). We can provide training so you can do it yourself or we can do it, or a combination. 

Cost: TBD

Step Seven:

Website Upgrade. When ready, Migrate your site to SuperWebPros for hosting and upgrade to support member login, videos. downloads, etc.