The Innocent Archetype: Seek Simplicity

By Amy | March 29, 2021
Innocent Archetype: showing a small boy wearing old aviator goggles and holding a toy plane.

A simple and chaos-free experience is what we are after here. No drama queens allowed! The big idea for the Innocent Archetype is: Life doesn’t have to be so complicated. Seek simplicity and be chaos-free. Breath in. Breath out. Quiet your mind. Relax your shoulders. Ahhhhhh, doesn’t that feel heavenly?…

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Stealing Your Own Testimonials for Marketing

By Amy | March 23, 2021
Testimonials for marketing showing a woman talking on an old fashioned rotary phone.

Does it feel weird to toot your own horn? Or are you ok with shouting to the whole bar about your latest acomplishment and then buying a round for everyone? Either way – testimonials can be a powerful marketing tool. They are social proof that your services are valuable to…

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Quick and Dirty: Easy Solutions to Managing Social Marketing

By Amy | February 23, 2021
Managing Social Marketing image of a 1920s looking woman angrily signing a form while a man watches.

Why do we need solutions for managing social marketing? Social media isn’t work, right? I mean that’s what we do for fun while we stand in line for groceries or after work. It’s selfies and food pics of your latest waffle creation, no worries? If you’re a business owner or…

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The Hero Archetype: Save the day!

By Amy | February 8, 2021
The Hero Archetype

Not all heroes wear capes – but if you pick this archetype you certainly could – and make quite a statement. The main idea with the Hero Archetype is saving the day! The dominant feelings you invoke are inspiration and confidence. Your company is compelling and fearless but you also…

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The Lover Archetype: Follow Your Passion

By Amy | February 4, 2021
Lover Archetype

Could you be the LOVER Archetype? It’s February and that means red hearts and boxes of chocolate everywhere. It either makes you swoon or makes you queasy. Commercialization of relationships – eh? Well, The Lover Archetype is anything but cheesy and flippant. Love is a very powerful emotion and can…

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The Mother Archetype: Be Nice!

By Amy | January 28, 2021
mother archtype

We have chosen to start with The Mother Archetype in our series of archetype descriptions because, in some ways, it is the most popular and the most quickly recognized. Everyone has a mom, right? Even if you’ve never met her or dislike her. The MOTHER is also known as a…

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Do Your Social Media Campaigns Have all the Goods?

By Amy | January 12, 2021
social media campaign, image is of an old country story with boxes and barrels piled out front and the two owners standing in the doorway.

So, you know you need a social media plan to make your business succeed. You’ve got a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and you’ve spent hours carefully crafting useful, on-brand content to share with the world. You’re ready to rumble! Next step, post content. You have your beautiful…

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Branding: What is it and how to do it right!

By Amy | November 11, 2020
what is branding

What comes to mind when you think of “branding?” Is it a red hot poker sizzling into the side of a cow? No? Just me then… Branding consists of all the things that contribute to how you FEEL when you think about or interact with a brand. If a product…

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Breakout Branding with Archetypes

By Amy | November 11, 2020
branding with archetypes 2

Have you heard about this thing called branding with archetypes? What the heck is an archetype anyway? Why should you be branding with one? Well, your branding (and marketing) is about to get a huge facelift. Your life is going to be more productive and focused. I promise. I LOVE…

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Marketing Trends for 2021: Boost Your Business in the Next Year

By Melissa Hill | October 29, 2020
marketing trends for 2021 shows an image of a wall of old televisions in all sizes and shapes. A bike is parked in front like it might be a pawn shop.

How is your marketing plan shaping up for next year? Got any good ideas? This list of marketing trends for 2021 should help you fill out your plan and leave 2020 in the dust. Emotion-Based Branding People want to connect now more than ever with the brands, products, and services…

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