Freelance ‘Fraidy-Cat: Beating Imposter Syndrome

By Amy | December 10, 2019
imposter syndrome

  by Liz Skelton, freelance writer and millennial marketing genius How do you overcome an overwhelming sense of imposter syndrome? When I launched my freelance marketing firm I wasn’t worried about it getting off the ground. I didn’t stress about designing logos, developing a web presence, or going out and…

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The Life of a Content Creator: Working as a Freelance Writer

By Amy | November 14, 2019
freelance writer

by Heather Benton, content creator and freelance writer Remember when the idea of working from home as a freelance writer with a flexible schedule seemed like a far-fetched but idyllic dream? The world for writers has already changed so much between the time I stepped out of my college dorm…

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I Saw Bob Dylan at Wharton: It was amazing

By Amy | November 6, 2019
Bob Dylan at Wharton

Bob Dylan at Wharton was amazing. I had the unexpected good fortune of being invited to this once-in-a-lifetime concert by my friends Mattie Rickman and Roscoe Snyder who own Snyder Auto Care, here in Lansing. I have to give a shout out to Teena Rairigh, owner of Supplemental CEO. Mattie…

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The Bartender’s Secret

By Amy | October 13, 2019

The floor tasted like the perfectly concocted mojito she had made moments before throwing it at me and punching me in the face. I landed among the bar stools and dirty napkins thinking, “That’s fair.”  She knew I’d come, I always do. She had it waiting for me, the drink…

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How Often Should I Blog?

By Amy | September 28, 2019
How Often Should I Blog?

As a content creator, I get asked this question all the time. Mostly because I am usually touting the virtues and necessity of blogging for EVERY business. I talk about this so much that I am sure some of my friend are sick of hearing it. It’s ok, I still…

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Why Blogging is Still Important and Necessary

By Amy | April 17, 2019

I have been hearing, and reading, and watching, people kicking around the idea of blogging being an outdated mode of marketing. Some people aren’t just wondering, they are touting it as gospel. Unless Jesus said it, it’s not! I am not just saying this because I am an avid content…

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Podcasts: How Your Business Can Benefit From Them

By Amy | April 8, 2019
podcasts for business

Remember the world before incessant social media scrolling? Tuning your dial to an FM radio station? Recording your favorite TV show, complete with commercials – on a VHS tape when you weren’t home? All of these may sound archaic now, but truth is, they were reality not too long ago.…

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Friendships: Middle School vs. Middle Age

By Amy | October 3, 2018

Both stages of friendships are hard “I have so many fond memories of middle school” said no one ever. When we found out our first baby was a girl, I had many thoughts and dreams for her–and concerns. However, not one of them included, “how am I best going to…

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Facebook: How to Find and Utilize your Whale Chart!

By Amy | April 16, 2018
Facebook: How to Find and Utilize your Whale Chart!

What is a Whale Chart? A Whale Chart is a feature within your Facebook Page that allows you to see when most of your followers are engaging with your page. The data represents times your followers are visiting your page, seeing your posts, looking at photos, etc. This chart got…

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Facebook Live: Why Your Business Must Go Live

By Amy | April 2, 2018

Why Your Business Should Be Using Facebook Live! Facebook Live is a way for individuals, public figures, business pages, etc. to share a live video with all of their followers and friends. It is for members to connect with their audience in real time. With the ability for followers to…

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