Episode 6: World Traveler – Kim Barber

By Amy & Lisa | September 6, 2021

Join us on an adventure as we interview Kim Barber, owner of Globetrotter Travel. Kim has traveled the world and can help you do the same!

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Episode 5 – Multi-Careed Superwoman – Allie Phillips

By Amy & Lisa | September 5, 2021
AIB Episode 5 - Allie Phillips

Join us on an adventure as we interview Allie Phillips, attorney, and owner of Manifested Harmony and SAF-T.

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Episode 4 – Kids Don’t Come with a Manual – Jamie Lightner

By Amy & Lisa | September 5, 2021
Jamie Lightner

Today’s Guest: Jamie Lightner (Life Coach, Business Owner, Author, Mom, Wife, and Comedian). Join us on an adventure as we get to know the amazing Jaime.

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Episode 3: The Hustle is Real – Myles Johnson

By Amy & Lisa | September 5, 2021
Myles Johnson

Myles Johnson has the hustle. He started Styles by Myles, has a new adventure, Tap In, he’s finishing his degree in Advertising and more…

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Episode 2 – A Passion for Serving: Justine Bell

By Amy & Lisa | September 5, 2021
Justine Bell

Join us on an adventure as we interview Justine Bell, a MEDICAL INSURANCE PRODUCER, for Cedar River Insurance.

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The Jester Archetype: Bring Laughter to the World

By Amy | September 3, 2021
The Jester Archetype

The Jester Archetype is, you guessed it – funny! The Jester uses a well-developed sense of humor, is light-hearted, mischievous at times, and often outlandish. Some Jesters find that bold, brash, and unexpected behavior work well as an alternative to humor.  They are clowns, the life of the party, and never dull. The Jester is…

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Announcing the First Annual MI Mob Summit!

By Amy | August 15, 2021
MI Mob Summit

The MI Mob Summit: Michigan Marketing Outstanding Businesses If you think a marketing summit might be a bore, get ready for some shock and awe.  We’ve got something coming that’s the cat’s meow, dames and gents. We’re the mob ya’ hear, the Zeedia Media Mob. Our mobsters are bringing you…

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The Ruler Archetype: WE’VE GOT THE POWER!

By Amy | August 2, 2021
The Ruler Archetype

The Ruler Archetype has a lot of power – and they know it. They are the best in their class and you can agree with them – or not. Either way, they don’t really care. They know they are number one and they don’t need outside validation. Sound pretentious? It…

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Setting Out to Launch a New Brand

By Amy | July 14, 2021
launch a new brand showing a vintage photo of NASA mission control

So you wanna launch a new brand, eh? Well, buckle up, and get ready to roll. We’re about to take off. There’s a lot of moving parts to successfully launching a brand. It’s important to stay organized and on top of all the details to make it a success. Project…

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The Explorer Archetype: Seek new vistas – you are worth it.

By Amy | July 7, 2021
Explorer Archetype

The EXPLORER brand is for businesses that provide products, services, and experiences to their customers because their customers deserve them. People will be willing to pay a little more for your product or service because it makes them feel special and valued. Others may be resistant to change, but NOT you!  Explorer Archetype…

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