S2E19 – Kyle Leemon – Churchill Mortgage Corporation

Kyle Leemon

Today’s Guest: Kyle Leemon, Home Loan Specialist at Churchill Mortgage Corporation.  Kyle Leemon, a loan officer at Churchill Mortgage, specializes in assisting clients in aligning their mortgages with their financial goals.  Watch on YouTube HERE By focusing on mortgage planning, Kyle helps individuals build their financial legacies. Through a deep understanding of client’s needs and…

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2SE18 – The Naughty Mystic Podcast

Naughty Mystic Podcast

Today’s Guest, is Jenni Benson, intuitive empath Massage Therapist, Juice Plus and Tower Garden Rep, Glass Artist, and Podcast Host of The Naughty Mystic. Jenni is joining us again to talk about her current season of the podcast and the taboo topics she covers. You can listen to her first episode with us here: Episode 51 – The…

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S2E17 – Kelly Duggan Image Consulting

Kelly Duggan

Today’s Guest: Kelly Duggan, President and Founder of Kelly Duggan Image Consulting LLC. Kelly Duggan has been in the image consulting industry since 1999 and has worked with a diverse range of industries, from hockey leagues and concrete companies to hospitals and financial organizations. Her expertise lies in personal and executive presence, business etiquette, communication,…

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S2E16 – TWIGS – Beth Read


Today’s Guest: Beth Read, Founder and Executive Director of TWIGS. Watch this episode on YouTube HERE Beth Read is the founder and executive director of TWIGS, a non-profit organization that provides valuable assistance to cancer patients and their families.  TWIGS offers services such as transportation, housekeeping, and errands to cancer patients who require help with…

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S2E15 – Rozna Potter Coaching

Ronza Potter

Today’s Guest: Ronza Potter, Owner of Ronza Potter Coaching Watch this episode on YouTube HERE Ronza Potter is a life coach who specializes in helping women and mothers feel more confident and happier in their lives. In this episode, Ronza shares her personal journey of struggling with mental health and trauma and how she discovered…

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S2E14 – Joyful Juniper Co – Sarah Russell

Joyful Juniper

Today’s Guest: Sarah Russell, Owner of The Joyful Juniper Co. – Corporate & Custom Gifting.  Watch on YouTube Sarah is the owner of a gifting company called Joyful Juniper, which was started in March 2021. They provide custom and corporate gifting, with a product called the Juni Box, which is filled with high-quality, often local…

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S2E13 – The Safe Center – Hannah Gottschalk

The Safe Center

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month Today’s Guest: Hannah Gottschalk, Executive Director for The Safe Center,  Domestic and Sexual Violence Services in Mid Michigan Watch on YouTube Hannah has over a decade of nonprofit experience and primarily works in victim services fields with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, human trafficking. Hannah L. Gottschalk,…

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S2E12 – Justin Madar – My Member Insurance Agency

My Member Insurance

Episode Sponsor: Cornerstone Legal Today’s Guest: Justin Madar, Personal and Commercial lines insurance producer at My Member Insurance Agency. Watch on YouTube Justin started at My Member Insurance in September 2022. Prior to that, he was a producer at an agency in East Lansing for six years. Over the course of his career, Justin has prided himself…

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S2E11 – 360 Photo and Design – Adam Suiter

360 Photo and Design

Episode Sponsor: Cornerstone Legal Today’s Guest: Adam Suiter, Co-founder of 360 Photo and Design.  Adam and his wife started the company around 10 years ago. Their company is a marketing asset creation company. Adam has a background in graphic design and advertising, and his wife started photographing businesses on Google.  Watch this episode on YouTube HERE.…

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