S2E23 – Jen McClure – Author & Speaker

Jen McClureToday’s Guest: Jennifer McClure, owner of Chapter Two Wisdom and author of “Wisdom from the Wilderness”, and motivational public speaker.

Jen McClure is an accomplished individual who wears many hats. As an author, speaker, and beauty consultant, Jen has a wealth of experience to share. She opens up about her personal journey of recovery from a challenging period of depression and anxiety, which ultimately became the inspiration for her book, “Wisdom from the Wilderness.”

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Jen McClure

Through her book, Jen takes us on a profound exploration of her own triumph over adversity, while also providing valuable strategies for others navigating their own difficult seasons. One key theme she emphasizes is the significance of being fully present in the present moment and finding beauty even in the messiest of situations.

Jen presents—that life is akin to writing a book, and everyone deserves a good “Chapter Two.” Join Jen in celebrating personal growth and transformation as you discover the strength and wisdom that lies within you. It’s time to embark on a remarkable journey of becoming a stronger, wiser version of yourself!

Jen McClure

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jen.mcclure.58

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