S2E26 – Judi Harris – Mid-Michigan Red Cross

Judi HarrisToday’s Guest: Judi Harris, Executive Director, American Red Cross Mid-Michigan Chapter

Judi Harris is the Executive Director of the Mid-Michigan Red Cross. With a background in disaster response and health education, she brings extensive experience and a passion for humanitarian work to her role. 

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Judi Harris

Judi has worked with the American Red Cross in International Services in Macedonia and Haiti, focusing on building disaster response capacity and providing health education. She actively supports volunteers, raises awareness about the organization’s work, and covers a wide geographical area in Mid-Michigan. 

Judi’s dedication to giving back to the community is evident in her commitment to supporting individuals affected by disasters and her involvement in programs for the armed forces.

Judy expresses her enthusiasm for future deployments and upcoming events where the Red Cross can further engage with the community. 

Listen to Judi as she shares her insights and experiences. Join Judy and the Red Cross in their mission to give back and create positive change. Make a difference by volunteering with the Red Cross as a disaster volunteer or blood ambassador. Let’s make every day an adventure by helping those in need!

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