S2E32 – Sonia Fineout – Interiors by Sonia

Today’s Guest: Sonia Fineout, Owner of Interiors by Sonia, designs you can live in. 

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With a remarkable career spanning over three decades, Sonia is not just a seasoned residential interior designer but also an accomplished artist and proficient project manager. Her journey in the world of design began early, and her passion for it truly ignited during her teenage years. Sonia’s creative spark led her to transform her own spaces on a limited budget, laying the foundation for her exceptional career.

Sonia shares the challenges she’s faced in keeping up with evolving design trends while resisting the urge for constant updates in her own home. She draws a clear distinction between interior designers and decorators, underscoring her unwavering commitment to crafting spaces that prioritize functionality and align seamlessly with her client’s unique lifestyles.

What sets Sonia apart is her dedication to continuous learning, making her an invaluable resource for all your interior design needs. Her wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas are bound to elevate your living spaces. 

Join us for an enlightening conversation as Sonia Fineout shares her expertise and creative insights, offering you the opportunity to transform your surroundings in exciting ways!

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