S2E27 – Lisa Barna – BlackDog Coffee

 Lisa BarnaToday’s Guest: Lisa Barna, Owner of BlackDog Coffee.

Lisa Barna is the founder of BlackDog Coffee, a coffee shop located in Downtown Eaton Rapids. With a mission focused on the betterment and development of the community, Lisa and her team are dedicated to creating a space where people can come together, support local businesses, and enjoy quality coffee. Her journey in starting Black Dog Coffee reflects her passion for community building and uplifting small businesses.

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Black Dog Coffee’s commitment to the community goes beyond its mission statement. Black Dog Coffee donates to various programs and events in the community, fostering connections and bringing people together. The shop also hosts regular events and classes, collaborating with other local entrepreneurs to support and uplift their businesses.

Lisa believes that collaboration among small businesses is essential for their success. She sees other small business owners as collaborators rather than competitors and aims to leverage their collective strength to make a bigger impact in the community. By working together and promoting each other’s businesses, they can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone. 

 Listen more about Lisa’s inspiring journey and the impact of Black Dog Coffee on the community. Discover the unique experiences they offer and consider collaborating with them to further enhance the community’s growth and development. Together, we can make a difference and support the vision of a vibrant and interconnected small business ecosystem.

 Lisa Barna

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