S2E29 – Zach Bingham – High Caliber Karting and Entertainment 

Zach BinghamToday’s Guest: Zach Bingham, the part owner and founder of High Caliber Karting and Entertainment. 

High Caliber has become a successful entertainment facility, located in the Meridian Mall, offering a wide array of activities like ax throwing, go-karting, combat carting, jelly ball wars, archery tag, dodgeball, and more.

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Zach reveals the heart behind their brand, which is centered on bringing joy and happiness to everyone who visits. The team takes pride in creating a fun-filled atmosphere, where both kids and adults can enjoy themselves together. They emphasize excellent customer service and make sure their employees, known as Experience Creators (ECs), feel valued and appreciated. High Caliber has also been active in giving back to the community, organizing Teacher Appreciation Day and First Responders Appreciation Day, among other initiatives.

Zach is open to mentorship and seeks opportunities to grow in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, their North Star metric remains joy, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and a positive experience for all visitors.

Listen to Zach’s inspiring story of overcoming challenges, especially during the COVID pandemic, and learn how the team’s dedication and commitment kept the doors open and the joy flowing!

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