The Ruler Archetype: WE’VE GOT THE POWER!

The Ruler Archetype has a lot of power - and they know it. They are the best in their class and you can agree with them - or not. Either way, they don't really care. They know they are number one and they don't need outside validation.

Sound pretentious? It is - but when this brand is done right, there is no stopping it. The only way to be the Ruler is by earning your reputation and proving it over and over again.

In all the years we've been doing Brand Archetype discovery sessions with clients, The Ruler is not often chosen. A brand new company would have a hard time with this because they don't have the experience (yet) to back up their claims. However, if done correctly, it can be very, very powerful. Don't discount this influential brand without really finding out what its strengths and advantages are. This type of branding might be exactly what your industry needs.

WARNING: The Ruler absolutely abhors chaos and loss of power. Everything they do is orderly and precise. If they lose control of this, they feel powerless. The worst thing that can happen would be to lose your place of dominance. Beware of being seen as "power-hungry." The Ruler runs the risk of becoming too demanding or full of themselves that people feel like they can’t relate and the products and services become unobtainable. The Ruler needs to strongly inspire without being stifling... without being overwhelming.

The Ruler Archetype

More Info on The Ruler Archetype

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What's It Like to be a Ruler?

The Ruler brand is refined and values the finer things in life. It inspires people to do more, achieves more, and create a better life for themselves. The Ruler values rules and order and systems. You will be more successful by just being around them. Ruler brands are typically the best in their class and set industry standards. The Ruler oozes power and dominance.  There is NO mediocrity here.

The Ruler Archetype

Ruler Words

Acclaimed - People enthusiastically praise a Ruler brand. Your raving fans are loyal and will tell everyone how great you are.

Influential - Since you are held in such high regard your brand has influence in your market space. You set standards that everyone else will follow.

Refined - This brand is fastidious, cultivated, precise, and exact. You make people want the finer things in life and you deliver them.

World-class - Your products and services are among the highest in the world - or at least your part of the world.

Perfect - Your brand is flawless. You make no excuses because you don't need them.

Riveting - This brand has the power to grab the attention of everyone in the room. You are engrossing and fascinating.

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More Facts About the RULER

The Ruler is also known as Executive, Upper Class, Monarch, King, Czar, Royal, Potentate.

Examples of the Ruler Archetype

Popular Ruler Brands include General Motors, Rolex, IBM, Hugo Boss, Mercedes Benz, American Express, and Rolls Royce.

Is your business a Ruler Brand?

  • Does your business set the standards of excellence in your industry?
  • Is your business refined and high achieving?
  • Does your company culture believe rules are important and meant to be followed?
  • Is your brand based on leveraging authority to maintain success ... if, you are #1?
  • Are your products/services differentiated from competitors by providing something that is just simply better because you do things better?
  • Is your market dominance a key to your success?
If you said "yes" to any (or a lot) of the above, you just may be a Ruler!

Standing Up Against the Competition

If your competition portrays an everyday, middle-of-the-road, easy-going brand, you can stand apart by being better than them. Higher-end. In a class all by yourself. The Ruler taps into the emotions of want to do more and be better. Your products and services are simply "just better."

Embracing Your Archetype

Once you choose an archetype, it is important to look at everything you do through that lens. Zeedia Media has a process and schedule that cuts it up into bite-size pieces tackling only one hurdle at a time in a way that makes sense.

We guide you to look at each aspect of your business, starting with your name and logo. Is it RULER enough? Can it be improved upon? Then we move onto colors, fonts, taglines, etc. until each element of your brand and company culture has been tweaked and improved to be in line with your brand. This is true no matter which archetype you pick.

With any brand initiative, the most important element is consistency. The more consistent your message is the bigger impact you will have over time in your space. People will start to recognize your company and associate it with RULER-like qualities- whether they realize it or not.

We are dying to know!

Are you a RULER brand? Let us know. Show us what you have been doing so far to make your brand stronger and more consistent.

Need help? We are here for you.



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