The Mother Archetype: Be Nice!

Hey you and your momma! Let's talk about The Mother Archetype.

We have chosen to start with The Mother Archetype in our series of archetype descriptions because, in some ways, it is the most popular and the most quickly recognized. Everyone has a mom, right? Even if you've never met her or dislike her.

The MOTHER is also known as a caregiver, doctor, healer, matron, grandmother, mom, parent, caretaker, or nanny.

The big idea: Do nice things for others! Be caring. (Can't you just hear your mom telling you that?)

For an even deeper dive into the MOTHER Brand, you can visit our Brand Archetypes website and listen to the podcast episode dedicated to the MOTHER.

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Podcast Episode 14 – The Mother Archetype

If you are new to the concept of Brand Archetypes, here is a quick tutorial: Breakout Branding with Archetypes

Mother Archetype

The Mother Archetype

What words come to your mind when you think of a mother figure - or your own mother? Assuming you have a good relationship with your own mom.  You might choose words like loving, nurturing, supporting, and caring.

Most people around the world would use the same (or similar) words to describe a mother figure. This is why THE MOTHER is one of the 12 powerful archetypes. All people on earth understand the concept of A MOTHER in the exact same way.

So, what does it mean when a business adopts THE MOTHER archetype as their brand strategy?

It means that the business exudes the same empathy and nurturing qualities of a mother in everything that they do. They make their customers and clients feel taken care of and secure. You may not be required to eat all your vegetables, but you will be tucked in every night (figuratively speaking.)

And when we say EVERYTHING, we really mean everything. People often assume that a brand consists of a logo, colors, and fonts. While these are important elements of a brand, they are not THE brand. Your brand is the emotional connection and overall feeling of everything you do as a company.

Whew - does that seem like a lot? It is. It should be.

Successful brands embrace one central emotional idea and build everything they do around that concept.

Most small and mid-size local companies have never come across this type of branding, and therefore don't do it. But the ones that do - WATCH OUT! They are dominating their space and gaining the marketing and mind share of their industry and competition. They are the room mother, the chaperone, the matriarch, and the head of the PTA.

Don't you want that for your business too?

Is Your Business a Mother Archetype?

The first step in determining your company's archetype is to take the Brand Archetype Questionnaire. It's free and you will get your results right away.

But, before you do, let's ask some questions about your company:

  • Is customer service a high priority?
  • Do your customers feel supported and care for?
  • Is your company culture inclusive, warm, and supportive?
  • Is your company atmosphere calm and even-tempered?
  • Do your customers value security and loyalty?
  • Are your products and services supportive, healthy, or service-oriented?
  • Do people buy your products and service because they are “part of the family?”
If you said "yes" to any (or a lot) of the above, you just may be a MOTHER!

You can take the Questionnaire and find out for sure.

Standing Up Against the Competition

You might think we are talking about being a Mama bear in the face of adversity, but we aren't. What we mean here is how a MOTHER brand can stand out from other brands and offer something they can't. If your competition is bold and brash and a little over the top (Jester or Outlaw, or Hero Archetypes) then your softer, more comforting approach is going to appeal to people who are turned off by other brands.

You can offer them a safe place to land with trust and dependability. Play to those strengths and remain consistent in your messaging and you will be the best MOTHER on the block. You can even get a coffee mug that says so.

mother archetype. Best mom ever mug

Embracing Your Archetype

Once you choose an archetype, it is important to look at everything you do through that lens. Zeedia Media has a process and schedule that cuts it up into bite-size pieces (just like a good mother would) and places them in an order that makes sense.

We guide you to look at each aspect of your business, starting with your name and logo. Is it  MOTHER enough? Can it be improved upon? Then we move onto colors, fonts, taglines, etc. until each element of your brand and company culture has been tweaked and improved to be in line with your brand. This is true no matter which archetype you pick.

With any brand initiative, the most important element is consistency. The more consistent your message is the bigger impact you will have over time in your space. People will start to recognize your company and associate it with an emotion - whether they realize it or not.

This is what good branding is all about. You can do this. Your mother and I believe in you.

Examples of The Mother Archetype

If you pick The MOTHER you will be in good company with some of these well-known brands:

  • Campbell's Soup
  • Dove
  • Salvation Army
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Allstate

Can you think of more? There are many to choose from.

So, we are dying to know. Are you a MOTHER brand? Let us know. Show us what you have been doing so far to make your brand stronger and more consistent.

Need help? We are here for you.


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