The Lover Archetype: Follow Your Passion

Could you be the LOVER Archetype?

It’s February and that means red hearts and boxes of chocolate everywhere. It either makes you swoon or makes you queasy. Commercialization of relationships – eh?

Well, The Lover Archetype is anything but cheesy and flippant. Love is a very powerful emotion and can make us insane or better versions of ourselves. LUST is also a powerful emotion – usually just involving the insane part. However, there is no denying that the Lover Archetype is an age-old way to sell products and entice our deepest desires. It works. It’s powerful. And we ALL WANT LOVE.

The LOVER is also known as The Seducer, The Partner, The Intimate, The Connector.

The Big Idea: Follow your passion!

For an even deeper dive into the LOVER Brand, you can visit our Brand Archetypes Lover Page and listen to the podcast episode dedicated to the LOVER.

If you are new to the concept of Brand Archetypes, here is a quick tutorial: Breakout Branding with Archetypes

The Lover Archetype

What Does The Lover Archetype Convey?

It is all about passion, romance, and the senses. The Lover taps into people’s desires and exposes what they have been yearning for. Love makes the world go round, and relationships of all kinds are essential to our well-being.  Making connections is a high priority — even if you are helping people make connections within themselves. You tap into the intimate moments in people’s lives. Your products and services are inspiring, exciting, indulgent, and include the finer things in life.

It’s Not All About Sex

I feel it is important to explain here that if you choose the Lover Archetype, that does not necessarily mean you have to focus on love and romance. It can convey that your company is really passionate about what you do. I worked with a local coffee-shop and bakery that chose the Lover because they were really passionate about sourcing local ingredients and creating beautiful baked goods. Their passion came through in everything they did, even though they weren’t all mushy and making kissy faces at everyone.

A small-town store that sells high-end barbecue grills and installs decorative fireplaces and fire pits chose The Lover. They do a really good job of focusing on the romantic feelings and opportunities a fireplace can provide. They also focus on their passion for families and making memories with outdoor barbecues and backyard games. By highlighting the experiences their products provide, they send a much more powerful message than “We sell really nice grills. Buy one.”

The Lover Archetype

Is Your Business the Lover Archetype?

The first step in determining your company’s archetype is to take the Brand Archetype Questionnaire. It’s free and you will get your results right away.

But, before you do, let’s ask some questions about your company:

  • Does your business provide high-end products that encompass the senses?
  • Is your business extremely passionate about what you do?
  • Is your brand based on providing a feeling of indulgence, excitement, and passion?
  • Are your products/services differentiated from competitors by helping people connect to their desires?
  • Do your products/services tap into the concept of romance?

If you can say “yes” to more than one of these, The Lover may for you! You can take the Questionnaire and find out for sure.

The Lover Words

Whether they are whispered on your lover’s breath, thrown in the air with glitter, or raised above your head and blasted through a boom box, the words you use to convey your brand are important. #WordsMatter

Here are some words and phrases you can start using in your marketing:

Ablaze, brilliant, enticing, fetching, discreet, and savory.

A garden of delights, in the raw, love life, the scent of roses…

If you want more examples like us, you can buy our LOVER word Bank for $29.95. Contact us at to order.

Standing Up Against the Competition

The LOVER brings excitement and passion to any situation and electrifies it. If your competition is more reserved, focused on customer service or security – you can blow them away with your bewitching appeal.

You will be noticed.

You will be the most captivating business in the room.

You will stir feelings of excitement and delight in people.

You make them desire things they might not even have known they wanted – your products and services.

Embracing Your Archetype

Once you choose an archetype, it is important to look at everything you do through that lens. Zeedia Media has a process and schedule that cuts it up into bite-size pieces (like a seven-course romantic dinner) and places them in an order that makes sense.

We guide you to look at each aspect of your business, starting with your name and logo. Is it LOVER enough? Can it be improved upon? Then we move onto colors, fonts, taglines, etc. until each element of your brand and company culture has been tweaked and improved to be in line with your brand. This is true no matter which archetype you pick.

With any brand initiative, the most important element is consistency. The more consistent your message is the bigger impact you will have over time in your space. People will start to recognize your company and associate it with passion- whether they realize it or not.

This is what an enchanting brand is all about.

Examples of The Lover Archetype

If you pick The LOVER you will be in good company with some of these well-known brands:

  • eHarmony
  • Haagan-Dazs
  • Hallmark
  • Godiva
  • Calvin Klein
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Chanel

Can you think of more? There are many to choose from.

So, we are dying to know. Are you a LOVER brand? Let us know. Show us what you have been doing so far to make your brand stronger and more consistent.

Need help? We are here for you.


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