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Shotwell Rutter Baer Today’s Guest: Nick Nauta, Certified Financial Planner with Shotwell Rutter Baer

Nick Nauta, a financial planner and partner at Shotwell Rutter Baer, has a passion for helping clients organize, grow, and protect their assets. Nick, who started his career in financial planning nearly 20 years ago, is committed to providing unbiased, trustworthy advice as a fee-only fiduciary. This means he doesn’t earn commissions and always acts in the best interest of his clients.

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Nick’s journey into financial planning began in Spring Lake, Michigan, where he noticed that wealth didn’t always equate to happiness. This early observation sparked his interest in understanding the true value of money and how it impacts people’s lives. After studying financial management and economics, Nick faced a challenging job market and started in a life insurance firm, which didn’t align with his values. He then worked at a bank and a credit union, where he discovered his passion for financial life planning—helping clients get a better return on life, not just on their money.

Nick co-hosts the “Kitchen Table Finance” podcast with David Shotwell, where they discuss financial topics to help listeners manage their money better. At Shotwell Rutter Baer, Nick and his team focus on growing the financial planning industry and providing a supportive environment for young planners. They run an internship program to help aspiring financial planners gain experience without the pressure of sales.

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Nick uses a unique approach called the Strategic Reliable Blueprint to help clients create personalized financial plans. This process involves multiple meetings to understand what’s most important to clients, identify obstacles, and create strategies to achieve their goals. 

Listen and learn how to better manage your money, achieve your financial goals, and get a better return on life. Tune in and take the first step towards a financially secure and fulfilling future. 

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