S2E42 – M2Speaks – Michelle Massey

M2SpeaksToday’s Guest: Michelle Massey, Founder of M2Speaks

Listen to our last episode for Season 2. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. We will be back in January 2024 with all new episodes and guests.

Michelle Massey is the visionary founder of M2Speaks, boasting a remarkable 25-year journey in the technology industry. 

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Michelle’s dynamic keynotes, tailored for diverse audiences, stem from her unique experiences as a military child. Leaving her family in Italy to attend MSU, Michelle embraced her mantra of “bloom where you’re planted,” forging deep connections during her first 15 years in Lansing.

Realizing her story could inspire, Michelle founded M2Speaks, emphasizing life as a buffet and the importance of authentic leadership. Presently, she passionately engages with students, focusing on authentic leadership in the evolving work landscape. Michelle’s philanthropy extends beyond monetary contributions, showcased in the impactful Lansing Built to Last initiative.


Drawing inspiration from her tight-knit circle of friends, Michelle is committed to capturing and sharing powerful stories of women. 

Listen and be motivated to embrace authenticity, give back to your community, and find inspiration in the stories of remarkable women. Don’t miss this empowering conversation—hit play and let Michelle’s wisdom resonate with you!

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Stay Tuned for Season 3 – Coming in January 2024

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