S2E41 – Lansing Mayor Andy Schor

Today’s Guest: Andy Schor, Mayor of Lansing

We’re honored to spotlight Mayor Andy Schor, the dynamic force behind Lansing’s transformative journey. 


Serving as the 52nd mayor, Mayor Schor’s commitment to fostering a diverse, vibrant, and welcoming community has brought about unprecedented growth and positive change. Under his leadership, the city has experienced billions of dollars in new investments, reflecting a commitment to inclusive growth and economic development.

Mayor Schor’s journey to the mayoral office is an intriguing tale of effective representation and a collaborative approach. Transitioning from the State House of Representatives, he responded to the call of supporters who recognized his accomplishments and sought his leadership for Lansing’s greater good.

Mayor Schor’s commitment to Lansing’s safety and prosperity is evident in his notable achievements, notably the downtown Mayer, an 80,000-square-foot grocery store addressing economic development and food deserts. In the face of challenges like a massive flood and the complexities of COVID-19, Mayor Shore’s resilience and strategic acumen have been pivotal in safeguarding the city’s interests.

Also for businesses and individuals eager to contribute to Lansing’s growth, Mayor Shore points to valuable opportunities outlined on the city’s website and through the Lansing Economic Development Corporation.

Join us as we explore Mayor Andy Schor’s visionary leadership—a narrative of commitment, proactivity, and a genuine dedication to creating a thriving and inclusive city.

How to Contact Mayor Andy Schor


Email: Lansing.Mayor@lansingmi.gov



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