S3E19 – Jonathan Hartzel – Lansing Shuffle

Jonathan Hartzel is an inspiring developer and entrepreneur, who has significantly impacted various communities through his innovative ventures. He is also one of the owners of the Lansing Shuffle.

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Jonathan’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2011 when he founded his first business while earning a BBA from Northwood University. He subsequently founded the Facilities Management Group, securing contracts with major food and beverage franchises across the Midwest. Jonathan’s ventures didn’t stop there; he developed the Detroit Great Shipping Company and founded Detroit Rising Development, combining his life experiences and passions.

Jonathan’s dedication to community development is evident in his service as a board member for Midtown Detroit Inc., a nonprofit planning and development organization, since 2016. His work extends beyond Detroit, with notable contributions to Lansing, where he owns the Lansing Shuffle. This vibrant food hall, located in the old Lansing Market space, features diverse food vendors, entertainment options, and community-driven programming, revitalizing the riverfront area and drawing visitors from across the state.

Jonathan’s vision for Lansing Shuffle includes creating a space that reflects the community’s needs and character. His commitment to curating experiences that bring different communities together is a testament to his approach. The Lansing Shuffle is not just a food hall but a dynamic community hub with programming like music series, yoga classes, and various markets, aiming to attract both locals and tourists.

Listen as Jonathan Herzl shares his journey from starting a college business to transforming urban spaces with ventures like the Detroit Great Shipping Company and Lansing Shuffle. Discover his vision for community-driven development and the impact of his innovative projects. 

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