Marketing During the Coronavirus

How is your business’s marketing during the coronavirus?

First, I want to say that I am so heartbroken for all the businesses that have to limit their hours (or shut down). For all the cancelled events, missed opportunities, and your inability to see your loved ones. It it is so nice to see how communities are pulling together and encouraging all of us to shop local and help where we can.

Our clients range across so many industries and I am continually updated on how this is impacting all of them on some level.

Information is changing constantly and every hour brings new information as to mandatory or voluntary protocols. Here are some ways you can get the info out there on what you are doing:

  • Social posts about business hours and if you are open or not. Share these posts to the pages of the organizations you belong and and other community social accounts.
  • Send an eNewsletter to your mail list
  • Create a video talking about how the coronavirus is impacting your business and what measures you are taking (post to your website and social)
  • Create and/or promote gift certificates and other ways people can support your business if you have temporarily closed or have limited hours.


Besides alerting the public on operational changes, I am encouraging business owners to spend some time thinking about your marketing and ways you can improve it. Now, more than ever, your marketing plan is important.

When this passes and we go back to business as usual, or our new normal, you will be back in business with hopefully more than you can handle to make up for lost time.

If you want to use this time to talk to a marketing agency on what you can do now and and in the future, give Zeedia Media a shout.

You can call at 517-320-1568 or email

Here are some suggestions on things you can put in place now that will help your overall marketing.

How to work on your marketing during the coronavirus

#1. Create a Content Calendar

This could be as simple as assigning each month a theme or one of your services or products to focus on. You can do this in a google spreadsheet or another simple way to share with team members. There are a lot of content calendar apps and downloads and software out there, which are very useful. However, you don’t have to complicate it.

#2. Add Video to Your Marketing

If you haven’t added any video to your marketing yet, now is a great time. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Sign Up for your UnoCard (60 second branded and scripted promo video for dirt cheap!)
  • Learn how to use Facebook Live
  • Practice being on camera with your cell phone.
  • Set up a “stage” in your office where you can broadcast from
  • Read some of your blogs on video and post them
  • Play around with some free or low-cost video editing software like Filmora by Wondershare.
  • Do a virtual tour of your place of business or office and share it on social media. It doesn’t have to be fancy or professionally edited. It will be cool for others to check you out during this time of social distancing. Check out Able Eyes to see virtual tours of hundreds of business across the United States.

Here is an example of an Uno Card:

#3. Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog

This is a perfect time to get to those blogs you have been putting off. Adding new and relevant content to your website does so many things for your marketing (it’s not just about those key words!)

For a great list of reasons to blog check out: Why Blogging is Still Important and Necessary

For some nifty ideas on how to get your blogs written, check out: How Often Should I Blog?

Still don’t want to write those blogs yourself? Let’s talk! Me and my trusted merry band of writers can help. Call today at 517-320-1568


#4 Adopt Some Automation Tools

There are many programs out there to help you automate your social media marketing. Here are some that I like:

Do you have any favorites?

#5. Update All of your Social Media Profiles

When is the last time you looked at the ABOUT information on your business Facebook Page? How many connect requests do you have pending in LinkedIn? Twitter messages?

This is a great time to ensure that all of your social profiles are consistent across all platforms and updated. Have your hours changed? Do you have more services to offer? Promos? Coupons?

Marketing During the Coronavirus

#6 Review Your Online Reputation

Check out what others are saying about you online. Read recent reviews and reply to people. Thank them for the good ones. Try to resolve any reviews that revealed issued. Re-post some great reviews as part of your marketing strategy. Send written thank you notes (crazy, I know!).

If you discover that you are unhappy with your star ratings or bad reviews, we can help with your online reputation.

The Wrap Up

Marketing is one of those things that you have to think about as a business owner, even if you don’t want to or don’t know much about it. That’s ok. Be sure you are sending a consistent message when marketing during the coronavirus. Let people know about any changes you have to your hours, services and products through the channels you have. And most importantly, support other local businesses and promote them too so we can all get through this together with as little damage and lost business as possible.

About Zeedia Media: We create killer content for all sorts of things. We know all the words, “because words matter!” Contact Zeedia Media for content, branding, and social media management. We can also help you with your online reputation if you aren’t happy about what people are saying about you. Let’s exchange some words–the good kind!

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