Able Eyes: Video PLUS an Experience You Can Control

Able Eyes is a mid-Michigan company doing amazing things with video for people who are on the spectrum and those who have sensory sensitivity. It also helps people with social anxiety and those of us who just want to check out a place before visiting.

If you are thinking about adding video to your marketing, a good place to start is a video tour of your facility. Read on to discovery how this can really help your business and your community.

Able Eyes provides ALL THE FEELS

By Meegan Winters, owner of Able Eyes

Technology, and video in particular has changed the way we view marketing. Thirty seconds can make or break your opinion about using a business. What if circumstances in your life require just a little bit more information and consideration before making a decision to visit a new place?

Imagine traveling with your child who is on the Autism Spectrum, a parent who uses a wheelchair, or a loved one suffering from anxiety or Post-Traumatic Stress. Getting to the destination is only one step in the process…

  • Parking
  • Entry options
  • Proximity of tables
  • Available quiet areas
  • The size of restroom stalls
  • Elevators
  • Transportation options

These are only some of the many issues people who live with disabilities have to consider each and every time they leave their homes. 

What if you could take the controls and see what you want to see…hear what you want to hear…explore at your pace?

For people of ALL abilities! 

Good News! There is a new type of technology that allows you to be in control of your experience before visiting a business for the first time. Able Eyes ( is providing virtual tours of public spaces across the US to help visitors of all abilities feel comfortable before visiting. You may feel anxious, you may need to explore accessibility, you may like to see the restrooms beforehand…you can do it all with these state of the art tours that are changing the marketing game. 

When businesses work with Able Eyes they are gaining a powerful marketing tool used on their website and yours. They promote your business on social media as being inclusive and welcoming, and you get to show off a decal to EVERYONE that visits your business. 

What’s even more exciting is that promotional video you already have (or one can be provided) can be embedded in the virtual tour making it interactive and informative. 

Do you have VR goggles? You can try those too! However, I would highly recommend sitting before trying this out of fear for your knees and forehead as you walk into the nearest wall. Be careful and have fun exploring your community at

Look at the places across the country that have an Able Eyes Video. WOW!

Don’t just take our word for it. See that all these other people have to say about the great things Able Eyes is doing!

About Able Eyes Video

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