How Often Should I Blog?

As a content creator, I get asked this question all the time. Mostly because I am usually touting the virtues and necessity of blogging for EVERY business. I talk about this so much that I am sure some of my friend are sick of hearing it. It’s ok, I still stand by my passions.

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All great marketing starts with content. Billboards, brochures, podcasts, flyers, postcards, social media posts, and OF COURSE, website content and blogs.

Even a video with no written words starts with a script made up of WORDS. But I am getting away from the question: How often should I blog?

More is Better…BUT…

There is no written (or unwritten) rule about the right amount of blogging. However, the more amazing, thought provoking, and informative information you add to your website on a regular basis the better.

how often should I blog?

A blog is a blog is a blog is not true. Gone are the days of key word stuffing your website for max SEO. Google will slap your hand for this and may just shut you down altogether.

Note: The only thing you own on the internet is your website(s). You don’t own any of your social media platforms. Technically, you don’t own the content and images you directly post to it either. Scary, huh?

If Facebook decided to go away tomorrow you would lose all the content you directly posted to it. This is why you should post all original content on your website first, with links from social media back to your site. I always get very nervous for any business owner who I see using Facebook or another platform like a website; posting everything to it directly. Yikes!

How often should I blog?

“Ok, ok, I get it, I should be blogging–you’ve convinced me. But “how often should I blog?” Geesh, I can be annoying, can’t I?

At least once a week is my first answer.

To get good at anything and make is worthwhile you have to practice and do it regularly. And let’s be honest, nothing really happens in business without a plan. So, carve out 2 hours a week to blog. You can do it. Maybe this means skipping lunch and eating at your desk once a week. Maybe it means getting up an hour earlier one day a week. Maybe it means working on Saturday morning. Whatever. Just make the time or it won’t get done.

Start with a list of things that you get asked all the time or you find yourself telling clients and customers all the time. For me, “how often should I blog?” comes up all the time. So, I am following my own advice and writing this blog.

Here are some other really good ideas of things you can blog about. You’re welcome.

Blog Ideas-Master List

Typically, I blog twice a week for my clients and create social media campaigns for each blog that are 3 months long. The means that I am post that same blog to all social platforms once a week for the next 3 months. I post at different times on different days with different leading content and switch up the cover image a few times. You never know what is going to grab someone’s attention and when.

Just imagine, after 3 weeks you will have 6 active blogs driving traffic back to your website with strong calls to action. Wow!

how often should I blog?
I just used this image because cats are awesome!

Ways to Get Blogging Done without Having to Write

Sounds crazy, right? Well, even though you are the business owner / industry expert that doesn’t mean you have to do the blogging all the time. If you have a budget, you can hire a content creator like the brilliantly talented writers at Zeedia Media. There are a few ways this could work:

  1. The Whole Enchilada: Hire a content creator to research, write, properly tag, publish, and create the social media campaigns.
  2. A tasty street taco: You write the blog and hand it over to a content to creator to “bloggify”, publish, and create the social media campaigns.
  3. Buy a coworker a nacho: Determine if anyone on your team enjoys blogging and delegate the task to him or her (bribing them with some nachos.)
  4. Buy a round of margaritas: Hire a content creator or designate someone in your organization to interview you on a regular basis in order to get all the info in your head out onto blogs. You could even do this while you are driving in your car (but not drinking and driving). It won’t take any extra time out of your day but it will get the job done. Cheers!

A Caution Regarding Content Mills

To continue on with my delicious Mexican food theme (I think I am hungry), hiring a content mill to create your blogs would be like hiring someone to eat your lunch for you. It gets eaten, but leaves you feeling empty inside.

Content mills typically charge per word and will write an article on a topic that you designate, but it will be void of personality, brand, and could possible be copied from other articles. The writing is not tight, and a lot of extra words will be used to hit that word limit you are paying for.

I have worked with these before with clients who bought the blogs and then asked me to make them better. I inevitably cut about 300 words (or more) and spent about the same time rewriting and branding the article as I would if I had just written it from scratch.

You almost never get the same author when you order blogs this way so they are inconsistent and never on brand. If you are going to hire content to be written it is much better and worth your money to go with one of the scenarios listed above rather than resort to content mills.

Ok, Let’s Get Started

Just give it a try. You might find you actually like blogging. If not, find someone who can on behalf of your company. I’d be happy to talk to you about hiring Zeedia Media or other ideas for getting the job done.

Now, I am going to enjoy a big plate of nachos!

About Zeedia Media: We create killer content for all sorts of things. We know all the words, “because words matter!” Contact Zeedia Media for content, branding, and social media management. We can also help you with your online reputation if you aren’t happy about what people are saying about you. Let’s exchange some words–the good kind!

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