The Outlaw Archetype: FREEDOM

 Never apologize for being revolutionary.

The Outlaw Archetype is for all you rebellious, contrarian, authority-questioners. For all you radical, free-spirited, wind-in-the-hair types! If you haven't already guessed, Zeedia Media embraced the Outlaw in a chokehold and doesn't let go. 

The big idea for the OUTLAW is: Rules were made to broken!

WARNING: Fight the Power! The worst thing for an Outlaw brand is to feel powerless, constrained, and unable to evoke change.  Being "common" or "traditional" is worse than being "wrong."

Outlaw Brand

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What's it like being an OUTLAW?

Freeing. Much like the JESTER brand, anything goes with the OUTLAW. You are not restricted by rules, manners, or even good behavior. The energy level is high, but not quite as high as the Jester or the Hero.

The OUTLAW revels in doing things differently, but not just for the sake of being different. Because their ideas are new, exciting, and just - quite frankly - BETTER!

The words that stand out the most for this brand are:

FREEDOM - You provide your clients the feeling of freedom to pursue what they want to because you are taking care of something for them. Zeedia Media manages marketing so our clients can concentrate on their business.

FEARLESSNESS - Outlaws are risk-takers and push boundaries. You have to be true to your brand despite the people you will rub the wrong way – and you will. If you aren’t making at least a handful of people uncomfortable, your Outlaw brand isn’t strong enough.

ORIGINALITY - It’s not just being different for the sake of being different. You look at a situation and do NOT view it as a process that you’ve done before and will do it again the same way … BUT, as a new opportunity to explore fresh, exciting, different ways of doing the same task.

EXCLUSIVITY - You make your clients and customers feel like they are part of the gang. Don’t be afraid to require them to do something in order to get a special deal or be part of an event. This is called providing “Gated Offers” and is a fantastic concept for the Outlaw.

CONFIDENT - You really don't care what other people think. You know you are a badass and you own it.

RADICALLY PROVOCATIVE - Your actions and messaging push people outside of their comfort zones. You get people to “react” powerfully, because of your provocative ideas. This provocative idea shifts them from an intellectual space to an emotional one.  This is a controlled redirect.  It’s not random – it’s intentional.  You’re getting your audience to change their actions based on powerful emotions. Isn’t that really what marketing is all about?

More words (we are feeling generous. You're welcome): fierce, independent, strong, assertive, blunt, alive, crushing, assured, cheeky, compelling, chivalrous, brazen, and astonishing.

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More Facts about the OUTLAW Brand

The OUTLAW is also known as the rebel, maverick, revolutionary, gambler, or activist.


The Rebel - Rule breaker. Goes against the status quo.

The Gambler - Thrives on risk and is the life of the party.

The Innovator - Willing to fearlessly explore the unknown.








Examples of the Outlaw Brand

Popular Outlaw Brands include Harley-Davidson, Apple, Mt. Dew, Tesla, PayPal, and ZEEDIA MEDIA. Can you think of any more? There are a lot of us out there. Drop your ideas in the comments. Let us know if you are an OUTLAW!

Is your brand the OUTLAW?

  • Is your team is willing to bend/break the rules to get things done?
  • Do your customers feel energized and revved up?
  • Are your clients given the freedom they didn’t have before?
  • Do your customers value innovation and risks?
  • Are your products and services outside the box and challenge the status quo?
  • Do people buy your products and service because they are different than everything else?
If you said "yes" to any (or a lot) of the above, you just may be an OUTLAW!

Standing Up Against the Competition

Provide the thrill, the risk, the adrenaline your clients are seeking. Be the catalyst for change by going out on a ledge. Be brave when others can’t.  Do the undoable. Achieve the impossible! If your competitors are boring, low-key, and do things the same old way all the time - you can bring the excitement to the part that has been missing.

Embracing Your Archetype

Once you choose an archetype, it is important to look at everything you do through that lens. Zeedia Media has a process and schedule that cuts it up into bite-size pieces tackling only one hurdle at a time in a way that makes sense.

We guide you to look at each aspect of your business, starting with your name and logo. Is it OUTLAW enough? Can it be improved upon? Then we move onto colors, fonts, taglines, etc. until each element of your brand and company culture has been tweaked and improved to be in line with your brand. This is true no matter which archetype you pick.

With any brand initiative, the most important element is consistency. The more consistent your message is the bigger impact you will have over time in your space. People will start to recognize your company and associate it with OUTLAW-like qualities- whether they realize it or not.

We are dying to know!

Are you an OUTLAW brand? Let us know. Show us what you have been doing so far to make your brand stronger and more consistent.

Need help? We are here for you.


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