S3E1 – Michelle Carlson – Lansing Art Gallery

Lansing Art Gallery

Today’s Guest: Michelle Carlson, Executive Director of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center. Watch on YouTube HERE Michelle Carlson, Executive Director of the Lansing Art Gallery and Education Center, shares her journey from education coordinator to her current role, highlighting her strong background in community building. The gallery’s mission is vital—supporting Michigan artists and…

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Episode 52 – Dumparoo – Chris Cates

Chris Cates

Today’s Guest: Chris Cates, a businessman, entrepreneur, owner, and founder of Dumparoo. Listen as Chris shares how he views and supports sustainability for our environment and our society.   When he started renovating his home, he found he was spending more time trying to figure out what to do with all the waste they were generating…

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Episode 43 – DS Employment Services – Daniel Shinaver

Daniel Shinaver

Today’s Guest: Daniel Shinaver, an employment developer, Owner, and Founder at DS Employment Services, LLC Daniel helps employers find perfect high-tier candidates. He focuses specifically on administrative and management-level candidates. His passion is really for teaching, developing, and showing people the tips and tricks, they can use to get to the next level.  Daniel is a…

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Episode 39 – Michigan Creative – Brian Town

Brian Town

Today’s Guest: Brian Town, CEO of Michigan Creative Brian is the CEO of Michigan Creative, a creative agency that does everything to do with marketing, from digital ads, Facebook ads, videos, branding, websites, and more. Brian is the kind of CEO that looks after his people. He certainly feels responsible for making his people’s lives…

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Episode 33 – Photographer of Women – Sarrah Gani

Sarrah Gani

Today’s Guest: Sarrah Gani, personal branding and portrait photographer for women, and owner of Sarrah Photography Sarrah used to be someone who didn’t want to be photographed. She came to realize that many women are hesitant to have their photos taken because they are self-conscious of how they look. For her, every woman should feel…

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Episode 29 – Energy Healing – Louis Soma

Louis Soma

Today’s Guest: Louis Soma, owner of Energy Harmony, and adult dance instructor.  In his search for a better solution than Western Medicine for his health issues, he discovered “it”.  He was looking for a different approach to take.  Louis and his business partner Rick, have incorporated energy healing into their dancing training and martial arts and…

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Episode 23 – Magical Roofer – Kris Poag

Today’s Guest: Kris Poag, Sales Manager for Weather Vane Roofing, a magical, forward-thinking company. Weather Vane Roofing is on the cutting edge of their industry. They are early adopters when it comes to technology that will automate more and make them more efficient. They always keep their customers’ needs in front of them. Their sales…

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Episode 21 – Sarah Pierce – Extreme Community Connector

Sarah Pierce

Today’s Guest: Sarah Pierce, founder of 517 Living. a way for businesses in the 517 area code to grow and connect with their community for FREE! In an ongoing effort to support Greater Lansing Area businesses, organizations, and residents, 517 Living is building a virtual directory of locally owned businesses and local nonprofit organizations. The…

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Episode 20: Jamie Chandler – Fairy Florist – Fae Marguerite

Fae Marguerite

Today’s Guest: Jamie Chandler, Hippy, florist, farmer, and founder of Fae Marguerite Floral & Events. Jamie’s passion for responsibly grown and sustainably harvested plants and flowers specializes in seed to vase creations.   Learn about permanent agriculture and other amazing information on being creative and responsible with giving back to our land and environment. You can see…

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Episode 14: Heavy Weight Sales Champion – Justin Madar

Justin Madar

Today’s Guest: Justin Madar, Heavy Weight Sales Champion with Meiers, Lombardini Lemanski Insurance. Justin is a producer of commercial, personal lines, and life insurance at Meiers Lombardini Lemanski Insurance.  Caring about helping people and protecting them with one of their biggest investments and having that competitive edge from his early years playing football has contributed…

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