Episode 33 – Photographer of Women – Sarrah Gani

Sarrah GaniToday’s Guest: Sarrah Gani, personal branding and portrait photographer for women, and owner of Sarrah Photography

Sarrah used to be someone who didn’t want to be photographed. She came to realize that many women are hesitant to have their photos taken because they are self-conscious of how they look. For her, every woman should feel confident about their photos and every woman should exist in photographs.

Sarrah Gani

The relationships and connections built in doing photography with women are what excites her the most.

As a business owner and a mother of a 6-month old baby, the big thing for her is finding a work-life balance.

Sarah also found her motivation and inspiration from a great photography community called Sue Bryce’s Education which she is a part of. There, she finds how to value your time and worth.

Listen as Sarrah shares about how she overcame some negative reactions when she’s starting her business and what advice she has for all the women who are not confident taking their photos.

Sarrah’s Advice:

 If you can’t accept it, change it. If you can’t change it, accept it.

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