Episode 52 – Dumparoo – Chris Cates

Today’s Guest: Chris Cates, a businessman, entrepreneur, owner, and founder of Dumparoo.

Listen as Chris shares how he views and supports sustainability for our environment and our society.  

When he started renovating his home, he found he was spending more time trying to figure out what to do with all the waste they were generating versus focusing on the remodel.   Using his process and system mindset, he began Dumparoo, dedicated eco-friendly junk removal and last-mile delivery company devoted to providing customers with effective solutions that relieve them of the stress and hassle of reclaiming and maintaining their space. With an unwavering commitment to reducing landfill waste, we handle your bulk junk items responsibly by reducing, collecting, sorting, recycling, and donating.


What is Chris reading/listening to?

“The leadership secrets of Colin Powell” and “The Advantage by Patrick Lencioni”

Chris’s Advice:

Growing a business is like a marathon and not a sprint. Take a day at a time, work on multiple things you know you can take those small steps. And then you’ll be surprised when you go back three years from where you are at.

How to Contact Chris Cates:

Dumparoo Website


Email: service@dumparoo.com



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