Episode 39 – Michigan Creative – Brian Town

Brian TownToday’s Guest: Brian Town, CEO of Michigan Creative

Brian is the CEO of Michigan Creative, a creative agency that does everything to do with marketing, from digital ads, Facebook ads, videos, branding, websites, and more.

Brian is the kind of CEO that looks after his people. He certainly feels responsible for making his people’s lives better and ensuring that they create an excellent culture.

Brian town


Michigan Creative loves to solve companies’ problems with their creative solution. They help companies get to know and think about who they are with the help of their team which focuses on their clients’ success. 

Brian will be a guest at the 1st Annual Lansing area Marketing Summit

What is Brian reading/listening to?

Brian reads a book called 5-minute Sales Plan

He also reads a lot of CIAs

Brian’s Advice:

“Always have somehow in your mind, when are you going to be the salesperson in every single day? think about where your next dollar comes from. You got to go there and culture will come.”

How to Contact Brian Town



Email: brian@michigancreative.com







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