S2E19 – Kyle Leemon – Churchill Mortgage Corporation

Kyle Leemon

Today’s Guest: Kyle Leemon, Home Loan Specialist at Churchill Mortgage Corporation.  Kyle Leemon, a loan officer at Churchill Mortgage, specializes in assisting clients in aligning their mortgages with their financial goals.  Watch on YouTube HERE By focusing on mortgage planning, Kyle helps individuals build their financial legacies. Through a deep understanding of client’s needs and…

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Episode 70 – Tackle Your To Do – Julie Trombley

Julie Trombley

Today’s Guest: Julie Trombley, CRM Expert and owner of Tackle Your To Do.  Julie helps female coaches maximize their time and money with the CRM Ontraport. She works with coaches who are overwhelmed with their repetitive processes, potentially losing sales, and missing valuable follow-up opportunities with their clients.  She is an expert at giving coaches…

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Episode 52 – Dumparoo – Chris Cates

Chris Cates

Today’s Guest: Chris Cates, a businessman, entrepreneur, owner, and founder of Dumparoo. Listen as Chris shares how he views and supports sustainability for our environment and our society.   When he started renovating his home, he found he was spending more time trying to figure out what to do with all the waste they were generating…

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Episode 38 – La Fontaine – Jose Gallo

Jose Galle

Today’s Guest: Jose Gallo, Sales Consultant for La Fontaine Automotive Group. Jose has been with La Fontaine Automotive Group for two and a half years. He also did MMA (mixed martial arts) and did club baseball and soccer for quite some time.   This year, Jose was recognized for the “Mark of Excellence” for the…

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