Episode 11 – Fierce Advocate & Artist – Melina Brann

Melina BrannToday’s Guest: Melina Brann, Fierce advocate for Women and self-taught up and coming Artist.

Utilizing her Master’s Degree in social work, Malina,  Executive Director of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, is passionate about helping women through difficult times by empowering them to work through their situations. 

Melina Brann



Melina feels the aftermath of Legislative decisions that make an impact on women and advocates fiercely for them. 

During the pandemic, Melina picked up a paintbrush as a mechanism to relax and release feelings.  Her artwork portrays the emotions black women go through.  

What is Melina listening to? 

The Dollop, an American comedy history podcast in which comedian Dave Anthony reads stories from American history to his friend and fellow comedian Gareth Reynolds, who usually has no knowledge of the topic that will be discussed, with the two commenting on and reacting to the stories

 Melina’s Advice: 

Set boundaries!  Take breaks.  You cannot work 24/7.  She also encourages you to “find your tribe.” 

 How to Contact Melina Brann:

Website:  Womenscenterofgreaterlansing.org

Facebook:  melinabrannart

Instagram:  melinabrannart

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  1. Lu on October 26, 2021 at 2:08 pm

    Great interview. Thank you for sharing.

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