Episode 48 – Paint Your Poison – Amanda Leksche

Amanda Leksche

Today’s Guest: Amanda Leksche, Owner and Operator of Paint Your Poison Amanda travels to different restaurants, homes, and offices pretty much anywhere and sets up a paint party. This type of flexibility allows her to have the freedom to set up anywhere where people get to enjoy their favorite atmosphere for being creative. Paint your…

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Episode 11 – Fierce Advocate & Artist – Melina Brann

Melina Brann

Today’s Guest: Melina Brann, Fierce advocate for Women and self-taught up and coming Artist. Utilizing her Master’s Degree in social work, Malina,  Executive Director of the Women’s Center of Greater Lansing, is passionate about helping women through difficult times by empowering them to work through their situations.      Melina feels the aftermath of Legislative…

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