Episode 34 – Compassionate Elder Care – Amy Wilczek

Amy WilczekToday’s Guest: Amy Wilczek, Nationally Certified Senior Advisor, and owner of Oasis Senior Advisors.

Amy loves helping people, especially seniors and their families.   Amy thrives on being able to give somebody hope and for some caregivers, it’s giving them a break. Those are really important to her.

Oasis started when her family decided to put down roots in Michigan. Oasis helps in anything that has to do with the scope of eldercare in any way shape or form. Watching her mom go through this with her grandmother and her dad’s mom go through it pretty much alone, made her learn and figure out the ins and outs of this industry

Amy shares her insights that many of us do not know about eldercare.

Listen and get to know the different types of people who come to her and how she handles different situations that are truly inspiring.

Amy Wilczek

What is Amy reading/listening/likes to do?

She likes to catch up on some shows and is currently watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

She also likes to paint when she has time.

Amy’s Advice:

One thing that is consistent across the board about owning a business is that you have to get really, really comfortable with inconsistency.

Give it time!

How to Contact Amy Wilczek

Oasis Senior Advisors Website

(517) 272-8472

Email: awilczek@youroasisadvisor.com


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