Episode 32 – Jungle Jane – Jane Mitchell

Today’s Guest: Jane Mitchell, a Promotional Products Marketing Consultant and owner of Jungle Jane Promotions.

Prior to starting Jungle Jane Promotions, Jane began a home-based business sending cards for people’s clients. This card sending service opened the doors for her to move into promotional products.

Jane Mitchell



Jane truly loves helping others. She is dedicated to identifying what the best promotional products are for meeting the clients’ objectives and saves them time by offering her recommendations. It makes her happy seeing other businesses grow from the rewards and successes they get by using the products from her. She believes that “When clients win, we win”.

There are many promotional products she produced over the years and there are two unique items that she shared with us that really surprised us! Listen as to how Jane identifies promotional products that fit the audience and also see what challenges she faced and overcome.

Jane is a featured speaker and sponsor at the Michigan Marketing Outstanding Brands Summit. Click here to learn more.

Jane Mitchell

What is Jane reading/listening to?

Jane reads articles on the internet relevant to her industry and watches a lot of business-related training. 

Jane’s Advice:

 Anytime you can help somebody else, they are more willing to help you back.

Don’t feel stuck or you can’t do something that you don’t want to do if you weren’t able to go to college or you don’t want to go to college

How to Contact Jane Mitchell


Email: jane@junglejanepromotions.com 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JungleJanePromotions

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