Why is Video the Cheat Code for Business?

Because it’s everywhere.

The world is online and so are your customers. Video for business should be a key element in your social media marketing plan. If running a business is like playing a video game, then having videos you can share is that really awesome punch/kick combo that took three weeks to perfect. It’s worth doing, but it takes some time and skills to do it well.

Why do you Need Video for Business?

YouTube has become the single most used online platform. Seventy-three percent of American adults are on Youtube. Video has been shown to get more likes, more interaction, and be more approachable for most people.

Video allows people to see who you are, and get a great first impression of you and your business. It’s the modern version of a great handshake.

How To Get Good Video

Now that you know you need to get on the video bandwagon, the challenge is to start recording. It’s not as easy as just sending a Snapchat of your cat to your friends (but keep sending those too – cuz you know, cats on the internet make life worth living.)

Make a Script

Don’t just say whatever comes into your head. It’s better to plan and rehearse what you’re going to say in your video. Focus on your company mission, your values, and what you bring to your customer. Take some time to get this right. If you’re having trouble, we can help you get those words perfect.

Get Your Set Right

If you’re making a video yourself, chose a simple backdrop with neutral lighting, from at least two sides with a fill light if possible. Put your script somewhere you can see it off-camera. If you work with professionals, they will have lighting equipment and a teleprompter you can use to make this a smooth process.

If you have a hand-held tablet you can get a teleprompter app. You can also get one for your phone, but we find them hard to read.

Edit the Video

After you’ve gotten the rough video you’ll need to do things like adding an intro and an outro, clean up the sound, and add your business name, logo, and contact information. Here’s a link to help you find some video editing software.

Get your Video Out There and Get Views

There are a ton of places you can show off your video adversing campaign.

  • Use it as your Facebook Page Cover
  • Upload it to your YouTube Channel
  • Post it to Facebook and Facebook Stories
  • Post it to Instagram and Instagram Stories
  • Add it to your LinkedIn profile
  • Tweet it
  • Add it to your Website

Going Pro for your Video

There’s a lot that goes on to make a great video. You’ll need lighting, a script, video recording equipment, video editing software, and all the skills that go with those things. Sometimes it’s worth calling the professionals. That’s why we’re here!

Video for Business UnoCard Logo

Right now we are offering UnoCards for businesses. Very inexpensively we will interview you and help you build your perfect script, set up the lighting and take the video, and help you produce your perfect marketing materials.

Check out this video we did for Paper Image:

Video can really work on a local level. Our client went viral and even got interviews on the local news. You can have a marketing and branding specialist help you get at the heart of what you do and a video professional make sure you and your business are at their best.

Sign up for an UnoCard Now!

We love to see all kinds of video, especially when used in marketing. Feel free to share your videos or ideas on how to create great in-house video that works. Share in the comments or on any @ZeediaMedia social platforms.


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