Tell Your Business Story Through a Short Video with UnoCards

What the HECK are UnoCards? Not the card game–the videos!

Video marketing is really hot right now! Have you incorporated some sort of video element into your marketing strategy yet?

I know. It can be scary. Many of us don’t like to see or hear ourselves on video. You need to get over it. Seriously.

I have just the thing that will help you launch your business into the video arena. It’s a gentle launch though. We will hold your hand.

If you are already doing video, Facebook Live, promo videos, and ads you are going to be amazed at how inexpensive yet powerful an UnoCard will be for you.

What are UnoCards?

I have partnered with UnoDeuce Multimedia to create a fantastic video package for you. Here’s what it is:

  1. You will work with a Zeedia Media content expert to craft a 30-60 second branded script to promote your business.
  2. Record your video at UnoDeuce Studios in front of a green sceen.
  3. The video experts will edit your video and put your logo behind you.
  4. Our professional photographer will take a headshot for you. (Why not, you are already all fancy and looking your best for the video.)
  5. Within a few days you will receive multiple versions of your video in different sizes with instructions on how to maximize the use of this video through social media, your website, presentations, promos and more. And you will get your headshot file to match.

Here is an example of my UnoCard:

Here is an example of my matching headshot:

How Much does an UnoCard Cost?

A single UnoCard package is $500.

If you are a part of a team or business and want to take advantage of our corporate package (2 or more videos using the same logo) you get a discount. The first video is $500 and each additional video is $250.

What a bargain for something you can use over and over and over!

Find Out More About UnoCards

Signing up for your UnoCard is really easy. You fill out the form on the UnoCard site and sign up for a recording slot. Once submitted a content expert will contact you to start your script!


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