Episode 7: Get Your Events Here – Ashlee Willis

Ashlee WillisToday’s Guest: Ashlee Willis, founder, and owner of Michigan Premier Events 

– an events management company for corporations, associations, and government.

Ashlee is a strong advocate for supporting local businesses and the community in the Lansing Area. As a wife, mother, and business owner, Ashlee shares how she “gets it all done” by attending events in the area to align the key areas of her life.  

While she promotes local businesses, she is also working worldwide bringing groups of people together.  

Ashlee shares how she utilizes resources and her network of support to help her journey to success. 

From utilizing her artistic talents and growing her knowledge for business, Ashlee is looking forward to assisting organizations to develop diverse, inclusive events that extend their reach.  

What is Ashlee reading?  Ashlee is currently drawing her inspiration from a book called Multipliers by Liz Wiseman. Materials such as these help to develop and strengthen her team’s leadership skills. 

 Ashlee’s Advice: During our session, we took away many nuggets of valuable information. One piece of advice she shares is to stay learning-based, not just about your industry, yet also learning about other industries as well. 

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