Do Your Social Media Campaigns Have all the Goods?

So, you know you need a social media plan to make your business succeed. You’ve got a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram account, and you’ve spent hours carefully crafting useful, on-brand content to share with the world. You’re ready to rumble!

Next step, post content. You have your beautiful post and you share it across all your platforms just waiting for the clicks to roll in, the clients to call, and all your business plans to be achieved!

*finger tapping*

*awkward pause*

*crickets chirping*

What happened?

You didn’t have a social media campaign plan in place, and that’s a problem.

If you’ve ever had that experience, you know what a letdown it is. A lot of work goes into creating the words, images, hashtags and branding that make good business content. After doing all that work it can be incredibly frustrating to have it fizzle out. The worst part, this is one of the biggest mistakes people commonly make.

Hand Slap Moment: In fact, you should be posting content other than blogs.

Have a strategic plan in place before you make your content so that you know when it’s posting, what it’s doing for you, how it’s building your business, and why you made it. This plan is called a social media campaign and it’s how you make your content work for you.

Different Kinds of Social Media Campaigns

Blog Campaign: Blog campaigns center around your written blog content. After you’ve finished carefully crafting an educational and entertaining article that helps your customers, you need to use that material. Plan on posting it to all of your social media channels multiple times over the next few weeks, at different times on different channels.

Don’t just use it in blog form. One blog can be broken into ten points and that’s ten new pieces of content! You can post those specific points on social media as well. Not everyone has time to read a whole blog post, and it’s a great way to get engagement with the work you’ve already done.

Testimonial Campaign: Testimonials prove to new clients that other people like what you do. It’s social proof and that’s an important factor in people’s decision making processes. So even if it feels uncomfortably like bragging it’s important to take those nice things that satisfied customers have said and share them!

We make templates for our customers that align with their branding so that it’s easy to get the word out there. Pick one day a week or a couple of times a month and let that be testimonial day. It’s important to schedule it, not for your customers, but to keep you on track. Each time you post make sure to include relevant hashtags, and if your client is a business or has social media, you can tag or @ them. People love to see themselves on the internet, and they may even share your testimonial for you on their social media channels.

Industry Tips and Tricks Campaign: Here’s where you share your best tips, for free! No, really. It’s counterintuitive to share your knowledge for free when you’re trying to earn money from your hard-won skills. However, it’s important to show you know what you’re doing and you’re the best.

Think about the questions your clients have asked, and their pain points. Make a list of great ideas and tips that you wish your clients knew. Next create images to go with those tips, and make sure they’re branded and on theme with your branding. It doesn’t hurt to inject some humor or fun, especially if it fits with your brand archetype.

Here’s an example we’ve made as part of our campaign for Weather Vane Roofing. As always make sure to share your creation on all your social media channels.

Video Campaign: Video is an awesome way to engage your customers and share your brand. There are a ton of ways to use video in your social media campaigns, including:

  • posting videos on YouTube
  • going live on Facebook
  • sharing Reels on Instagram
  • sharing short videos of your work on your pages, timelines, in blog posts, and almost everywhere on the internet.

Make sure you’re tying the videos you create into your content campaign plan. Video is a time intensive process, with filming, editing, and saving it in all the forms you might want to use. Use video strategically, share it on multiple platforms, and make sure to share it multiple times.

A Couple Last Words on Social Media Campaigns

Sharing on social media can sometimes seem like spamming, especially when the best practices are to share content multiple times on the same channel. The thing is, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram use mathematical algorithms to decide who sees a post.

Only about 10% of the people who follow your Facebook page will see a single post. That’s why it’s so important to post all content multiple times and in many ways. Scheduling posts can help, but if it all seems overwhelming, you can always contact us and let Zeedia Media help you maximize your social media campaigns.

if you’re going to go to all the trouble of creating really great content, use it! Use your scheduling tools, post multiple times, and reuse all your content in as many ways as you can think of. Real content takes real work. Make sure your marketing is working for you.

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