Tips to Pump Up Your LinkedIn Profile for B2B Sales

Are you looking to become a LinkedIn maverick and boost your profile for B2B sales? If lead generation is your goal, rather than finding the next employer, buckle up! We’re going to get into the details of how to expand out and maximize your LinkedIn profile for B2B.

Improve your LinkedIn Profile

First, take a long honest look at your profile pic. You don’t need to have a professional photographer take headshots. (Though you could!) The most important thing is to look professional and smile. Profiles with pictures get up to 21 times more views than profiles without them. This is your first impression. You want to look friendly, confident, and helpful. Make sure the background is professional looking and that the lighting is good.

Hand Slap Moment: Don’t cut your profile pic out of a group photo.

Next, set your Job Preferences and your Headline to show that you’re looking to create B2B client relationships using words like freelancer, coach, or consultant. You want it to be clear from the beginning that you’re looking to sell, not to get employed.

After that, it’s time to spice things up! Your profile is your sales page. You want it to show off what you’re doing. Use your Featured Section to highlight your best work, but don’t forget to fill out the content in every section. Make it interesting! Just because you’re a highly skilled professional doesn’t mean your writing should be dry or boring. Your writing should reflect who you are and show your passion. If you can, use graphics and images. Make your profile as multimedia focused as possible.

LinkedIn profiles allow video, PDFs, images, presentations, blog posts, links and more. Make sure to integrate any of these media forms that you have into your profile.

Do Some Research To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for B2B

Find out who your competition is, and who your target market is. Research keywords and phrases connected to your industry. You can use that information to connect with your target market when you’re creating posts, articles, and using hashtags on your content.

You should also do some legwork to find LinkedIn groups in your niche to join and start participating in. When you’re setting up your LinkedIn profile for B2B, groups are an awesome way to meet new potential clients and build connections with other firms and freelancers.

Once you’ve researched the keywords, target market, hashtags, and groups that you will need to use to connect with your audience, then you can use that information to do one more piece of research: find influencers on LinkedIn. Who are the people who are the best at what you do? Who is moving your industry forward and sharing that on LinkedIn? Find and follow them, then start commenting and making yourself known as an expert too.

Start Creating Content for LinkedIn

Once you’ve transformed your profile from “seeking employement” into a lead generating machine and done the research to know who your potential clients are, and how to connect to them, you’re ready to start creating.

You can use so many different kinds of media in your LinkedIn profile for B2B sales. You can write blog posts, make a video about how you can help, and create articles to share. If you already have a blog it’s easy to use that to start filling out your LinkedIn image.

You might want to create a content calendar to help yourself stay on track. It’s a spreadsheet where you make yourself a list of topics to talk about, using all that research you did on keywords and hashtags.

Build Relationships With Other People on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform, and you should be using it like one. Don’t be that person who only shares their own content. Build up other people while you build up yourself. Read and comment on other people’s posts. If someone else makes some great content, give it a share. Ask questions, and give good answers. Be a person, not just a photo.

Follow up with the groups you’ve joined, and if you find someone you like, click connect. You never know where your next lead could come from. Also, use that industry research to connect with people in positions of authority in companies you’d like to work with.

Don’t forget to ask for recommendations and endorsements from the people you’ve worked with. This is a great way to add credibility and authenticity to your LinkedIn profile for B2B marketing.

Wrapping Up

Using LinkedIn as a marketing platform can be a lot of work. It can also lead to great rewards. Social media is where it’s at and you can use it to your advantage. Don’t just leap off the deep end and start making posts. It’s important to to do the research, gather the materials you need, and make a commitment to invest in your profile.

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