Episode 71 – Curvaceous Lingerie – Lauren Palmer

Lauren Palmer

Today’s Guest: Lauren Palmer, Owner, and Proprietor of Curvaceous Lingerie. Lauren Palmer is the owner and proprietor of a fine lingerie retail store in Old Town Lansing, The Curvaceous Lingerie. Where they offer everything from classic pajama sets to sexy nighties and a full range of bras, shapewear, and foundations.  She started her company to…

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Episode 63 – Hearts Desire CPR Training – Eboni Morell

Eboni Morell

Today’s Guest: Eboni Morrell, Owner of Hearts Desire C.P.R Training Eboni’s goal is to ensure that each individual is confident in their ability to perform high-quality CPR and knows how to respond to medical emergencies without delay. I cater to medical professionals, daycare providers, businesses & anyone interested in learning these lifesaving skills. Eboni provides…

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Episode 62 – Royal Scot – The Perfect Place to Play

Royal Scot

Today’s Guest: Joanie Kilcherman & Amy Densteadt, with Royal Scot Golf and Bowl.  As the event director of Royal Scot, Joanie does it all! Amy is part of the Royal Scot family and volunteers a lot of her time to make sure the business is the best it can be.  Their goal is to make…

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Episode 60 – Life Coach – Melanie McNamara

Melanie McNamara

Today’s Guest: Melanie McNamara, a certified life and weight coach with Melanie McNamara Coaching. Melanie focuses on helping women create an emotional life that helps them reach the next level of freedom they crave.  Listen as Melanie shares why and how she started finding answers on how she could create a life she fell in…

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Episode 59 – Bohnet Electric Company – Stephen Bohnet

Stephen Bohnet

Today’s Guest: Stephen Bohnet, President of Bohnet Electric Company and wearer of many hats! FAMILY-OWNED AND OPERATED FOR OVER 110 YEARS… Bohnet Electric Company is a Retail Lighting store and more! They specialize in Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional and Vintage Lighting, Vintage and new Crystal Chandeliers, and Custom Lighting.  Stephen shares the value of culture and…

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Episode 49 – Greater Lansing Area Moms

Today’s Guests: Christine McCallister and Julie VanAcker, co-founders, co-curators, the moms —  and most importantly, the 2 friends behind Greater Lansing Area Moms Julie and Christine have known each other for many years and started the Greater Lansing Area Moms (GLAM) over a year ago. GLAM is a resource site. They deliver hyper-local resources and community connections…

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Episode 48 – Paint Your Poison – Amanda Leksche

Amanda Leksche

Today’s Guest: Amanda Leksche, Owner and Operator of Paint Your Poison Amanda travels to different restaurants, homes, and offices pretty much anywhere and sets up a paint party. This type of flexibility allows her to have the freedom to set up anywhere where people get to enjoy their favorite atmosphere for being creative. Paint your…

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Episode 43 – DS Employment Services – Daniel Shinaver

Daniel Shinaver

Today’s Guest: Daniel Shinaver, an employment developer, Owner, and Founder at DS Employment Services, LLC Daniel helps employers find perfect high-tier candidates. He focuses specifically on administrative and management-level candidates. His passion is really for teaching, developing, and showing people the tips and tricks, they can use to get to the next level.  Daniel is a…

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Blogging 101: Engage Your Target Market

Blogging 101, an image of a mid century style typewriter from above, teal in color with a white background.

Businesses: get ready for Blogging 101. You know that blogging is a thing and it’s really important, right? It gets you heard out there in the wilderness of the internet and is one of the key pieces to getting good SEO. But what does that mean, and how do you do it well? Blogging is…

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Tips for Saying NO and Being More Intentional (From the Experts)

saying no

If “Busy” is a four-letter word then “No” is a magical, two-letter word that more of us need to work into our vocabularies. While I recently taught you to use the word “busy” sparingly, today I want to teach you to start using the word “no” more often….well, I actually want to invite others to…

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