Episode 79 – Entrepreneur Coach – Tom Harris

Tom Harris

Today’s Guest: Tom Harris, Entrepreneur Coach, Educator, Author, and Speaker Tom works strictly with one-person businesses in service professions, otherwise known as solopreneurs.  His focus is on the personal development aspects of entrepreneurship.  Tom employs extensive self-analysis, ongoing personal and business assessments, and idea-generation activities.  He believes that the answers and solutions entrepreneurs look for…

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Episode 72 – Ready, Set, Change! – April Callis-Birchmeier

April Callis-Birchmeier

Today’s Guest: April Callis-Birchmeier, Organizational Change Management Expert and a best-selling author. April is an organizational change management expert and a best-selling author and she loves to share her wealth of experience with change, and transformation to help organizations and individuals positively lead and embrace change. She has implemented both big and small change projects…

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Episode 36 – Spreading Joy – John Mashni

John Mashni

Today’s Guest: John Mashni, lawyer, writer, entrepreneur, and trusted advisor. John is an attorney, entrepreneur, professor, and writer. He always wanted to write before he went to law school and actually wrote a few screenplays. He recently started moving his writing to children’s books and it has been one of the most fun things he…

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Episode 28 – Maximization Coach – Chad Hyams

Chad Hyams

Today’s Guest: Chad Hyams, Myth buster, Author, Speaker, and maximization coach. Getting inspiration from the mountains and eagles outside his window, Chad penned his recent book titled Achieve your Apex. It’s about getting to the top of the Mountain or food chain. Learn how to climb to the top of your journey! As a coach,…

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