Social Media: The New MISSION FIELD for Churches

social media mission

Social Media has circled the globe and is the largest existing mission field in history.

Are you allocating time and money to the largest mission field in the world? The travel expenses are zero, and the reach has WAY MORE POTENTIAL.

An endless potential made up of people seeking ENGAGEMENT, SALVATION, COMMUNITY, and BELONGING.

Shouldn’t your church be a part of influencing these masses?

Beyond the Pewsocial media mission field

A concrete Social Media Plan will enable your church to reach people beyond your pews. You will regularly engage with them every day of the week, not just Sunday.

Does your church send money and people to missions all over the world?

What is the purpose of these missions? It is personal engagement and being intentional about teaching the personal relationship that God wants to have with every single one of his children. It’s the human interaction that determines a successful mission trip. That is why we send PEOPLE and not just money.

There is the concern that social media can cause people to be less social. This can be true, but not if it’s used the right way.  It can allow information and messages to be shared, discussed, collaborated and elevated on a wider scale than has ever been known before. It also allows more relationships to be formed online and then deepened when taken offline into more personal engagement. This is an extremely valuable tool

How is social media social?

We can get so preoccupied with information dissemination, or worse yet, the OBLIGATION to post something to social media because it seems like the thing to do.

Social media is just that: SOCIAL! You should be talking with and engaging people DAILY. If your posts and your efforts are not receiving ample feedback through likes, shares, comments, and attendance to events, then you are missing a key component.

Expanding Reach Locally

Think global, focus local.

Does your church and your message reach everyone it possibly can in your community?

Social Media is viral by nature and has the ability to reach people well beyond its intended audience. Isn’t that what a mission is all about? Start local, end global.

“Being successful online is not easy”, says Biola University’s director of innovation, Dave Bourgeois. “When it comes to churches, having at least a minimal digital strategy has become crucial in expanding Christian outreach even locally within their own communities. “

Does your church want to reach more people and create meaningful engagement with your existing church members? Read Why Should Your Church Invest in Social Media to understand the importance of this growing movement.
Social media isn’t going away, and the best way to be a part of this ever-growing mission field is to manage the message that Jesus wants everyone to hear, see and know.

Not Just For Young People

Social Media isn’t just for young people. Justin Wise from Think Digital explains, “Social media will play a role in the legacy of older leaders. As Baby Boomers prepare to transition out of ministry leadership roles, one aspect of the shift they’ll need to account for is social media. Social in the language of the New Media Generation. Simply put, established leaders must be able to say, “this is how I lead a church that accounts for the reality of social media.”

What if Jesus used Social Media?

social media mission fieldJust imagine if Jesus had used Facebook or Twitter? How far would his messages have reached in real time? Can you imagine the debates and opinions that would have flooded the global social media domain surrounding the Crucifixion?

Seas of people would have rose up and parted on both sides of the debate. Pontius Pilate definitely would have had to hire a social media manager just to manage his message.

Is today any different?

like jesus on facebookAll you have to do is start a conversation online regarding any topic that is controversial (religious, political, health, parenting, etc.) and sit back and watch how the mighty word travels and ignites passion. It seems as if everyone is an armchair warrior these media mission field

Worrying about negative feedback should not keep you from social media.

It can be scary but the fear should not come from worrying about negative comments. Your church should be worried about not having a plan in place to influence the negativity when it comes and not being able to manage the message.

Does your church need help with social media?

If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, than your church’s social media plan needs work:

  • Has your church designated someone as the Social Media Marketing Director?
  • Does the Media Director have a written marketing plan with a calendar?
  • Does your pastor and/or other church leaders actively blog?
  • Are you posting daily on Facebook and Twitter?

social media mission fieldAppoint a Social Media Director

The following are NOT examples of a solid social media plan:

  • A church secretary who posts pictures of an event once in awhile.
  • Setting up your pastor’s sermons to link automatically to the church website without anyone noticing.
    • An inspirational quote peppered here in there without much reaction.

Designate someone to be in charge of your Social Media Plan so that the message is consistent and all areas or your plan are being covered. All social media activity should filter through this person and daily engagement with your social community should be monitored by this person. Often this person is a volunteer with a passion for social media, but it is a big responsibility that requires daily maintenance.

Make sure the designated person has adequate time.

Finding someone on your staff or in your congregation who has a passion for social media is invaluable. However, strategies already exist and plans have already been created. Train the right person and you will have a great plan!

Invest some time and money into working with a Social Media expert who understands content management. Your church doesn’t have to hire an expert to do all the marketing, but rather to work for a short time with your Social Media Director to train and put a plan together that your church can carry into your own mission field in the future. This approach is cost-effective because no one knows your church mission and community better than you.

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