S2E35 – Katie Krick – Period Pick Me Up

Period Pick Me UpToday’s Guest: Katie Krick, Owner and Founder of Period Pick Me Up.

Katie Krick is the visionary owner and founder of Period Pick Me Up. Her mission is nothing short of remarkable: to revolutionize the way women experience their periods.

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Katie shares her observations about the disconnect between menstruation and society’s response to it, as well as the profound lack of support for menstruating individuals. Katie’s response to this mismatch is the birth of Period Pick Me Up, a unique platform and subscription box program designed to provide women with a monthly self-care ritual that prioritizes respect for their bodies. 

period pick me up

Katie also shares her collaboration with Helping Women, Period, and their shared mission to combat period poverty. She expresses her goal of supporting similar organizations and discusses various aspects of improving the overall period experience. 

Katie’s passion for changing the narrative surrounding periods and empowering women shines through, making her a true advocate for women’s health and well-being.

Listen as Katie shares her inspiring journey of advocating for improved menstrual health experiences. Discover the importance of self-care during menstruation and how you can support her mission to impact women’s lives positively. Don’t miss this empowering conversation!

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  1. Susie Ware on September 27, 2023 at 8:50 pm

    I loved this conversation. I’ve supported Period Pick Me Up Box from the beginning but this interview is the most informative and enjoyable one yet!
    I’m in my late (very late) 60’s and I so wish we would have had this lovely encouragement to see the importance of period positivity.. Thank you Katie Krick for shining a light and taking on this mission.

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