S2E17 – Kelly Duggan Image Consulting

Kelly DugganToday’s Guest: Kelly Duggan, President and Founder of Kelly Duggan Image Consulting LLC.

Kelly Duggan has been in the image consulting industry since 1999 and has worked with a diverse range of industries, from hockey leagues and concrete companies to hospitals and financial organizations. Her expertise lies in personal and executive presence, business etiquette, communication, and soft skills.

In her process of developing a presence that supports her clients’ personal or professional goals, Kelly emphasizes the importance of authenticity and aligning one’s physical characteristics with their inner self. Kelly helps her clients identify their brand archetype, which can be used to inform their choice of colors and overall branding strategy. 

Overall, Kelly’s image consulting services aim to help individuals and organizations make their best impression, both visually and through effective communication and soft skills.

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Kelly Duggan

Listen now and let Kelly’s expertise in image consulting, personal branding, and effective communication techniques empower you to make a lasting impression in both your personal and professional life. 

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