S2E10 – Gutter Flow -Dorrie Bath

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Gutter FlowToday’s Guest: Dorrie Bath, President at Gutter Flow System.

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Dorrie Bath and her husband Dave Bath developed the idea after experiencing the frustration of constantly cleaning out gutters on their rental properties, which led to costly water damage. After testing the product on their own homes and a dozen others, they secured a patent in 2014 but had to postpone starting the business due to health issues. Fast forward to 2020, and Gutter Flow System is finally available for purchase.

Gutter Flow System is a DIY-friendly product made of patented aluminum inserts that functions like a drain for gutters, ensuring that they remain functional year-round. And for those who prefer to hire a professional, Gutter Flow System also has contractors available!


Listen to discover the incredible story of Dorrie Bath, the inventor behind the Gutter Flow System, and how she revolutionized the way we maintain gutters. So, if you’re tired of constantly cleaning your gutters, be sure to check out Gutter Flow System and discover the revolutionary way to keep your gutters flowing smoothly all year long.

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