How to Properly Use Instagram Hashtags for Marketing

Do you use Instagram Hashtags for marketing?

It’s weird to see a post without them right? Some people only use a couple while others max out the allowable 30. So, what is the right way to use Instagram hashtags? Is there a secret formula?

Actually there is!

I watched a video from Social Media Examiner with Jenn Herman (an Instagram Expert and Badda$$) and here are my takeaways. It has changed how I use hashtags for myself and my clients.

A Ha Moments for Instagram Hashtags

A HA #1: The first mistake I realized I was making was using too many hashtags that were way too broad. This meant that I was competing with too many people using the same hashtag(s) and my posts were getting lost in the noise.

A HA #2: For Instagram especially, you need to use hashtags with every post. If you don’t, you won’t be found.

A HA #3: More is better. Use as many hashtags as you can (limit 30) that support your strategy and are relevant to your business. See formula below.

The (not so) Secret Formula for Instagram Hashtags for Marketing

Sidenote: This formula can be used for other platforms too. Create your list of hashtags based on the this formula and apply it across the board.

3-5 Popular Hashtags. Popular means used by 100s of thousand to 1 Million users. Anything over 1M is too saturated and will attract spam bots.

Example: I was using #socialmedia (too popular). Now I am using #socialmediaexpert and #socialmediastrategy.

3-5 Moderately Popular Hashtags. This means high 10s of thousands to mid 100s of thousands.

Example: I was using #marketing. Now I am using #marketingconsultant

3-5 Niche Specific Hashtags. These are targeted industry solutions and services you provide.

Example: I was using #Facebook. Now I am using #FacebookAds, #Facebookadtips, #Facebookadsmarketing. 

1-2 Branded Hashtags. These are specific to you and your business. This could be your Tag line, business name, catch phrase, etc. They won’t rank very high at first, but they support your brand and that is important too!

Example: #ZeediaMedia and #WordsMatter

If you don’t have one, here is a super handy and quick podcast to listen to about creating taglines. It’s fun. Just do it! (see what I did there?)

How to Find Out How Much a Hashtag is Being Used

#1. Open up Instagram and click on the search (magnifying glass).

#2. In the field at the top type in the hashtag.

#3. Look at the number that comes up under the hashtag. That is the number of users using that hashtag.

Instagram Hashtags for Marketing. Graphic showing the steps in Instagram to search for a hashtag

Now that you know the formula, spend some time crafting your perfect list of hashtags. If done right, you will start to notice more engagement with the right people. Your amazing posts and content will not be getting so lost in the vast wasteland of overused hashtags.

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